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Ironbridge WW2 Weekend 2017

Well it’s not long now until I get to sing at this exciting event! I am especially excited as this will be my first time at the Ironbridge WW2 Weekend! Singing on Saturday only, on the main stage at 12.45. I hope to see you all there!

Crich Tramway WWII Weekend 2017

Although I’ve had a migraine since last Tuesday, we were hell bent on getting a nice family outing in this Easter weekend!

Luckily Crich is only around 90 minutes from us, so doable with a 21 month old. It was Betsy’s first time at the open air museum and she LOVED the ride on the tram!

I think most people were shocked at the fact we actually had a ‘real live person’ inside our vintage pram as we trundled across the cobbled streets. It was lovely to see familiar faces from past events, but the weather was a little chilly and we found it hard to stand still for too long (even in my coat!).

So here are a few photos from this year. I should’ve taken more, but was had to keep my eye on Queen B at the same time!

jayne darling

Jayne Darling, 1940’s singer

Myself with Jo Francis. Was lovely to catch up with this truly lovely lady!

‘The stand off’…

History on Wheels Museum

I had been to this fantastic little gem with the MVT many years back! We were lucky enough to be shown around by Tony Oliver himself, who collected the amazing range of First World War and WWII pieces in the cabinets as well as all the vehicles. When you arrive at the site, you may be mistaken for thinking that you have arrived in the middle of a giant police raid, but all the cars inside and out are available for (or have been used) in a variety of television shows and movies. As well as police cars there are military vehicles, bicycles and motorbikes from many different eras. The main exhibit focuses on 1900’s to 50’s, with a great collection of WWII vehicles (including Lt.Gruber’s ‘Little Tank’ from Allo Allo and another vehicle used in Indiana Jones!). General MacArthur’s Cadillac is gorgeous and there is also a very pleasant USO Shows exhibit too!

If you aren’t fussed about cars and bikes, there are so many other things to admire. From the resident pussy cat to vintage prams, wartime sweetheart jewellery to the lovely little cafe selling homemade apple pie, there is something for everyone.


My favourite was definitely the gallery of wall cabinets. Full of dusty old wonders from the world wars, you can see uniforms, souvenirs, toys, paraphernalia and medals from Allied and Axis forces. There is even a taxidermy dog that was once found by Mr. Nicholas and his ambulance crew, whom were part of the Royal Army Medical Corps in the first war. They named him Tiny and he stayed with them throughout their time in France. Mr. Nicholas was permitted to take his doggy pal home, but unfortunately Tiny was struck by a car years later. He now sits and stares at all the visitors as they enter the museum!

There is a rather quaint (but out of place) Princess Diana exhibit of souvenirs and memorabilia owned by another member of the family and also a little Anderson shelter, 30 seat cinema and living room set up too.

It’s a bit dusty, a little damp and yes, there is bird poo on a few posters and flags, but you can see the pure joy and commitment that Tony had whilst building his fascinating collection. It is wonderful that the family are still looking after it and opening the museum doors once a month to the public!

This doll was found in a bin in the 40’s. A man cleaned it up, made a dress out of parachute silk and gave it to his daughter.

Hitler Puppet

Hitler Puppet for Punch and Judy

WW2 Peddle Cars and Tank

WW2 Peddle Cars and Tank

First World War Chalkware Figurine

First World War Chalkware Figurine

The museum is generally open on the last Sunday of each month. Their website is currently not up to date, so it is best to call in advance: tel:07850 38136

You’ll find the museum on Common Rd, Eton Wick, SL4 6QY.

PLEASE NOTE:The museum doesn’t take card, only cash! We did manage to pay via PayPal, which was handy!

Mussolini’s Villa on Rhodes

You may remember a an article I wrote for Military Reenactors Magazine about Profitis Ilias on Rhodes a couple of years back? Well this time we travelled that way once more to visit a villa built as a retirement home for Mussolini. Blimey, the amount of steep climbing we had to do to get there, I couldn’t imagine him nipping to the shop for more Tzatziki.

General Cesare Maria De Vecchi stayed there between 1936 and 1940, whilst he was the Italian Governor of Rhodes. Mussolini planned to use Rhodes as a major naval base, but luckily never set foot in his villa, which was later abandoned in 1947.

There is still a haunting grandeur about this derelict building. Blindsiding the graffiti and obvious looting, you can still see what a remarkably beautiful house this was. The view from the veranda, overlooking the roof of the Elaphos Hotel and onto the sea, is breathtaking. I managed to save a few photos to my computer before Betsy miraculously hid my camera card. Here is what I have for you!

Probably unplanned, but note how the tiled floor of the entrance way looks like an elongated Star of David pattern…














Circus Themed Baby Bedroom

It didn’t actually start off with this theme! We had a seaside idea in mind, but I got over excited in Ikea after spotting the bed canopy and everything else seemed to fall in place! You may recognise the awesome metal suitcase shelves that we used to have in the bathroom of our previous house. They are perfect in Betsy’s room and are now adorned with vintage Ladybird books and toys! The bedding set is from Asda Living and came with a quilt, bumper and a couple of sheets. I adore the retro lion and tiger cushions, mini suitcases and melamine plates! They are from Dotcomgiftshop and tie everything in together! The elephant cushion was a recent buy from Sass & Belle. It is so funny and they do a zebra wearing a cowboy hat too!

After scouring the internet for a hot air balloon light, I decided to make my own. The ones I found were either too expensive or had teddy bears, bows and pearls everywhere. I am so pleased with how it turned out that I am now taking commissions! I even made little peg people of Richard, Betsy and I! If you would like one with your choice of theme (Imagine a steampunk version!), then message me for details.

So here it is, I hope you like it! Her room is very small, but I tried to fill it with lots of cheery things and sensory objects!

001-betsy-bedroom 002-betsy-bedroom 003-betsy-bedroom Hot Air Balloon Light 005-betsy-bedroom Circus Baby Bedroom Vintage Baby Bedroom

Birmingham Comicon 2016

Birmingham Comicon 2016

Yesterday I ventured to the NEC’s MCM Comicon Expo! I used to go to the Film Memorabilia Show all the time and really loved to see all the original movie props, tons of movie celebs and browse the stalls. I must admit that if it hadn’t been for Warwick Davis, people watching and the illustrators and artists, I would have left early. It is definitely not what I had hoped for, more of a large market place with a handful of celebrity signings, but the atmosphere is good and the people dressed up really do make an effort. It is now a mixture of movie, anime and gaming, so that my area (movie) is much more diluted. I think I will have a scout around at some other movie memorabilia shows to attend at another point, maybe some that are purely horror or Sci Fi maybe.

That said, we had a lovely time and hooked up with Mr Burt for a browse of the stalls! I got to meet one of my all time favourite actors Warwick Davis, who made my day! Not only did he get his son to take a picture of us together on his phone, but then in his live Q&A said that the best thing he had seen was the girl in the Leia costume riding an Ewok! Huzzah! Warwick also said that I should enter the costume competition at the Star Wars Celebration in London. Would have loved to do this, but just don’t have the funds to go unfortunately!

So anyway, here are some photos of our day. I made Mr Mew’s Mugatu top and Betsy is supposed to be his pet poodle. I did make her an Ewok outfit, but she just wouldn’t keep the hood on and it way way too hot to wear anyway!

andrew-lee-potts-web apes-betsy-richard-web betsy-ewok-web betsy-richard-web david-cheshire-cat-web david-robot-web kitten-and-warwick-davis-web kitten-stormtroopers-web kitten-vader-web leia-kitten-jabba-web warwick-davis-signing-web

And the winner is…

Anne Marie Curtis! Congratulations, you will be the proud new owner of a Broken China ring!