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Kate Donovan Photography

Here are some fantastic photos taken by Kate in 2008 to early 2009. After her amazing vintage pinup career she took to photography and we remain dear friends to this day (though she is so far away!). I am a lot curvier now than in these photos, but it is great to see the stages of my career with the help of such fantastic photographers.

Kitten von Mew 1920's Pinup

1920’s themed pinup set taken by Kate Donovan

Art Deco pinup set taken by Kate Donovan

The kimono robe is original 1920’s/ 30’s silk and the thick silk stockings were my Grandmothers!

1940's Fashion Model Kitten von Mew

My gorgeous hat that went missing after being on The Antiques Roadshow. I miss my prescious!

2010 Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend Burlesque

2010 Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend Burlesque by Kate Donovan

Vivien of Holloway Model Kitten von Mew

Modelling Vivien of Holloway clothing, taken by Kate

Vivien of Holloway 1940s trousers

Modelling Vivien of Holloway trousers. Wow my cottage used to be clutter free!

Silk Fan Dance Burlesque 2010

Silk Fan Dance Burlesque Shoot

Kitten von Mew and SIlk Fan Veils

Kitten von Mew and WWII Parachute

This was a Parachute Peggy set we did using my original WWII silk parachute. ! used to be tiny!

WWII Parachute with Kitten von Mew

Kitten von Mew RAF Fan Dance

Kitten von Mew RAF Fan Dance when my corset was shiny and new!

Kitten von Mew and her Burlesque Birdcage

Promo shot for my Songbird act, 2010 by Kate Donovan

Retro Pinup Kitten von Mew

A little bit more curve in these ones taken in 2010 and one of our last photo shoots together if I remember rightly. Great lighting!

1940's Pinup Kitten von Mew

Vintage Model Kitten von Mew

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  1. I think they are great, wish i was there to help.


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