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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Performance Dates Added!

With next year being the 70th Anniversary of the D Day Landings, it is set to be busy with WW2 events! You will find my confirmed bookings HERE for 2014, so don’t forget to update your diaries!

You will also notice a commemorative steam train journey on 6th June, which may interest puffer nutters, families and wartime revivalists alike. I will be doing a special post on this journey, but more information can be found at Train of Events in the meantime!

Remembrance Sunday 2013 – Singing at the Model Boat Show


Singing at the Model Boat Show, Warwickshire Exhibition Centre on Remembrance Sunday

You may be forgiven for thinking that the gentleman to the right is controlling me, but I SWEAR to you, there is a pool full of RC boats right in front of me…

I had a wonderful time at the show and saw some incredible model boats made from scratch and kits. I have to confess though, I am always more interested in the detailing; such as making things look old and rusty, or the little people that help scale the model. So as well as a video of one of my songs, I am posting some images I took. I am love with my macro lens, can you tell? Thank you to everyone who listened in the crowd and over the tannoy speakers, the well wishers and organisers that made me feel so welcome. Singing White Cliffs of Dover straight after the 2 minute silence was the most moving, nerve wracking and poignant thing I have done this year.

model boat show

King George and his chum take out the boat for a spin after purchasing some splendid new lace curtains…

warwickshire exhibition centre model boat show

model boat miniature people

It was only when he replaced his cap that he felt the pink blancmange start to ooze down his neck…

military model ship

scale model people

The twins take in the scenery…

model boat exhibition

funny miniature people

Murder! Murder!

warwickshie exhibition centre model boats

ww2 miniature soldiers

…and suddenly the zombie soldiers were everywhere…

model navy ship