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Candee Photography

Steampunk at Dr.Sketchy 2016. Kitten by Candee Photography.


Kitten von Mew modelling Heyday’s 50’s dress. Taken by Candee Photography


Kitten von Mew Calendar 2013 (April), taken by Candee Photography

WW2 Pinup Kitten von Mew in ATS corset

Kitten von Mew in ATS corset, taken by Candee Photography

vintage wedding kiss

Veiled kiss, taken by Candee Photography!

Kitten von Mew as Rosie The Rivetter

Kitten on Able Grable's publicity postcard

Kitten on Able Grable’s publicity postcard


Kitten von Mew modelling a Sakura Designs hat. Taken by Candee Photography


Kitten von Mew modelling Sakura Hats at Midland Hotel. Photo by Candee Piccies

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