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Modelling and Product Endorsement

I am always on the lookout for unique and special products to help raise awareness of!

This could be Art Deco, 1940’s or 1950’s inspired. Whether it is a dress, watch, shoes, necklace or homeware, I can write a blog feature with links to your website and exclusive photos for you to use!

Companies I have worked with so far are Gizmon, Heyday Online, Big Beautiful Barbara Brown, Arthelia’s Attic, Johnsons Originals and I have 2 other companies I will be putting up soon!

Simply contact me at if you are interested.

Luxulite Jewellery

big beautiful barabara brown playsuit

Big Beautiful Barbara Brown Patriotic Playsuit, modelled by Kitten von Mew, Taken by Mr Mew

kitten von mew johnsons originals shoes

Kitten and Johnson’s Originals. Photo by Richard von Mew, graphics by Kitten von Mew

arthelias attic hair snood kitten von mew

Kitten von Mew modelling a custom hair snood and matching bag by Arthelia’s Attic. Photographed by Richard von Mew

Kitten von Mew with the Gizmon iPhone Case



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