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Purple Eyebrows at Bletchley Park

Purple Eyebrows at Bletchley Park

Things have gone a bit pear shaped recently. This week for instance; I had been desperately getting a steampunk outfit ready for next weekend. As they were planning a 1000 Leagues Under the Sea Dance, I thought I would create mermaid-y hair and tried a temporary purple with green hair wax. The same evening I got a message stating that the event had been cancelled and I was devastated. So much so that I didn’t wash out the colour. The next day I was playing badminton with some chums, so had a shower and…it wouldn’t wash out. Well, the green came off my hair, but stayed on my scalp and the purple had actually turned dark blue, that had now gone blue and grey.

Betsy getting her ID card stamped

I got some extra strength colour stripper for my hair and some of my favourite orangey-red hair dye, ready to go back to my normal vivacious tangerine! Sooooooo, the hair stripper didn’t work particularly well and neither did the hair colourant.

Kitten Von Mew entertaining one of the stallholders!

Skip forward to today and there I was, going to Bletchley Park, with grey-blue, browny-orange hair that I tried desperately to camouflage in victory rolls and a hat. This was bad enough, but I also had a wardrobe malfunction before leaving. I had wanted to wear my original 1940’s green suit and the metal zipper broke when I was doing the skirt up. So I quickly put on a dress that was too big (but didn’t need ironing) and some 40’s style platform shoes…nope, the platform soles decided that now was a great time to disintegrate. I swapped to my Miss L Fire’s and we hot-stepped it out of the door.

Alan Turing’s Office

Cut to the car journey, where I was FaceTiming the folks and I caught a glimpse of myself in the sun visor mirror.

“Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me I had purple eyebrows?!”

Children’s ‘Mickey Mouse’ Gas mask. they were blue and red with a nose flap that made a silly noise when you breathed out.
Hurricane flypast

I was in such a panic to get ready and makeup on that I hadn’t been paying attention to the brush I used to apply the brown tint to my brows. It has obviously been used for pink or red lipstick beforehand and I hadn’t realised.

Cut back to the car journey and scrubbing with a wet wipe only seemed to create a brighter purple and a lilac haze on the skin around my brows.

Karen, The Heritage Milliner and Shona of Heyday Vintage!

So I went to the Bletchley Park 1940’s Weekend with bluey-grey, orangey-brown hair and purple eyebrows in an oversized dress and still had a wonderful time. Sometimes you just need to suck up the stress, see the funny side and enjoy each splendid, silly, memorable moment.

And hey, I can always desaturate the photos!

Covid-19 Morale

I hope you have all been staying safe and healthy in these unsettling times! It can be incredibly intense and claustrophobic being isolated, but you are doing great.

To update you with what I’ve been up to…every single week day, my 4 year old daughter and I dress up in a different theme and take our 1 hour of exercise time. My plan was to create some crazily cool memories for Betsy, focus on something fun by dressing up and bring some morale to the street. I suffer with depression quite badly and love the escapism of fancy dress or costuming. The fact I can use this outlet as a ray of sunshine for other people and keep my mental health more-or-less stable in these uncertain times is brilliant.

I began by writing a list of characters we could do and even bought a mic that has a little inbuilt speaker so that I could sing to the residents too. At first we only saw a couple of people looking, but now most of the street waves or twitches their curtains at 11.30am each morning!

When I moved here 4 years ago I became familiar with about 4 people in my street. Who would’ve known that a desperately worrying time would lead to so many more friendships being formed from 2 metres away?

So far we’ve done Disney Princesses, Unicorns, rainbows, fairies, Maleficent and a dragon, Steampunk dolls, Mary Poppins, Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz) and Glinda the Good Witch, 1940’s, 1950’s and my favourite… Santa and his elf!

Taken by Rachel Perks

It was BAKING this Tuesday and I was dressed in full Father Christmas outfit, complete with beard, wig and hat. I had ordered a pack of 50 toilet rolls that I stacked inside my cart, which was decorated with tinsel, a reindeer and more! I put some vintage festive songs on my Bluetooth speaker and we made our way down the road. Everyone who waved got a toilet roll and I ran out! I left one on a parked ambulance, along with some sweets. “Ho ho ho! Meeeeerrrrry Covidmas!”

Taken by Jon Mulkeen

What else have I done? Oh! I wrote a parody of ‘It’s in His Kiss’ (made famous by Cher in Mermaids). It’s called ‘Is it Covid’ and you can see it HERE.

Taken by Kizzy Warner

I’ll keep you updated on happenings. I’m just trying real hard not to lose my marbles. X

Kitten Meets Brian Blessed

I always think fondly of Brian Blessed for his roles as Spiro in My Family and Other Animals and of course Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon. From an incredible singing voice in cats to a voice over in Star Wars Phantom Menace, this cheerful and approachable chap has done it all…oh yes and climbed Everest…

Well it just so happened that today I got to meet one of my Bucket List Celebrities! I was lucky as he was about to leave the event, but on seeing me bellowed “Where have you been? Ive been waiting for you my whole life!” I had brought him along one of my calendars as a gift and he was so interested in my love of the 40’s and said that he never wanted to grow up out of those eras.

Brian Blessed and Kitten von Mew

Brian Blessed and Kitten von Mew with her 2013 Calendar!

I then asked if he wouldn’t mind signing a mug for me. An odd request I know, but I bought this antique mug from a carboot sale for putting a pincushion in and have become rather fond of it. As it has a mountain climber design and a blank back, I thought it would be the perfect souvenir of our meeting!


Brian Blessed’s autograph on the back of my vintage mug. Im presuming it is 1930’s by the look of it. Best £3 I ever spent!

I had in fact met Brian when I was about 16, but was too star struck to approach him back then. I managed to do some work experience at a local film company (that I later worked for before it closed down). He was doing some voice over work for a documentary on Everest and would walk into the small office building with a booming ‘HELLOOOOOO!” He wouldn’t have remembered me. Back then I had purple hair and hid under baggy jumpers and tartan trousers…

So that was my 30 minute lunch break, what did you do with yours?

Honeymoon Snaps

Short of getting the projector out to sit you down in front of 100’s of slides with an informative oral description for each, I thought I should post some of our honeymoon snaps for you to oogle over…

kitten von mew honeymoon

Richard and Kitten von Mew in their honeymoon outfits at Orlando Airport!

We left the wedding Blitz Ball in sheets of rain, bound for London to an airport hotel. After a few hours sleep we headed for the airport and found ourselves practising for the theme park queues as we checked our luggage in. Good old Virgin tried to sit us in completely different parts of the plane, but after a lot of persistence we managed to get a seat next to each other in economy without having to pay for an upgrade.

We got a great reaction from passengers about our Honeymoon outfits and cases, but I think the airport staff thought we were just trying to get a free upgrade and had come in fancy dress! The Orlando airport crew were completely different and people at the desk were even taking pictures on their phones!


Kitten by the Hogwarts Express at Island Of Adventure, Universal Studios

The Harry Potter world was the main thing I had been looking forward to in the theme parks and I literally shook with excitement as soon as I saw the gate leading into a replica of Hogsmeade. Complete with snow capped roofs, Owl Post and all the shops associated with the books and movies, I was in my element!!!


Hogsmeade in asbestos skinned tourist season

The snow was so realistic it was surreal to see everyone walking around in t-shirts and not jumpers!


Hogwarts taken from the queue for the ride


Kitten next to the Back to the Future Delorean. Oh how I wish I was in a 1950’s prom dress for this photo!

kitten von mew-betty-boop

Kitten at Island of Adventure

Kitten and ‘Tyrannosaurus-Pex’ outside the Jurassic Park ride after getting soaked!

As well as Universal we went to Epcot, which hasn’t changed since I first went at age 11 and watched the fireworks over the lake. It rained rather a lot whilst we were away, but it would have been too hot without it!


Found him!


Troll Hunter extraordinaire!


The Reef Restaurant at Epcot where we had a meal. It has a wall of glass so that you can see the huge aquarium, which is full of sharks, fish and sea turtles!


Epcot fireworks and laser display


Tusken Raider scaring the kittens out of me at Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekend


Mr and Mrs Mew at their Polynesian Resort honeymoon hotel for the 1st week of their stay!


Lazing in a hammock on the Polynesian Resort beach


The tropical landscaping of the hotel was stunning! We love Tiki!


The gorgeous foyer of the hotel. Could have spent all day in there alone!

richard von mew downtown disney

Mr Mew at Downtown Disney….yup, raining again!

kitten von mew disney world


In the 100 Acre Wood, we stumbled on an all you can eat buffet… Crazily enough everyone kept asking whether I was a Lucille Ball lookalike…


“Mr De-Mille, I’m ready for my closeup…and bring that balloon lady back, she promised me a poodle damn it!”


Despicable Mew…”He’s so fluffy!!!”

We were lucky enough to be some of the testers for the new Despicable Me 3D ride, which opens in a month. It was amaaaaazing!


Richard was determined to test every weird dessert in the buffet. I said he would be Winnie the Poohing like a Teletubby, but it didn’t listen.

Richard and I met up with our close friends Stephanie and Don in the 2nd week, who took us to some amazing places!!!


Kitten, Don and Stephanie Pitchers!

Fantasy of Flight is well worth a visit! Created by Kermit, they collect and restore propeller planes. We got a tour of the areas that they restore different pieces, their collection of original WWII engines still in the crates and got to meet Kermit himself after he demonstrated his flying abilities in one of his favourite planes.


Apache Princess at Fantasy of Flight


Kitty Nose Art at Fantasy of Flight!


Cripes Almighty at Fantasy of Flight

fantasy of flight

Fantasy of Flight Art Deco Hangers


Mickey Mouse Pylon, just the one, but thought it was a great idea. Imagine the bubbles you could make with this if you had enough washing up liquid!!!


Beam me up spotty! UFO in Old Town


Monsieur B Nana and Mr Mew

richard von mew didgeridoo


richard von mew-et

Phone home!


Hot rods parading in Old Town


Gorgeous pinstriping on one of the hot rods!

weeki wachee springs

Weeki Wachee Springs – A nature reserve, natural swimming pool and underwater theatre!

weeki watchee mermaids

The Weeki Watchee Mermaids have been putting on shows here since 1947!


You better ‘Weeki Wachee’ these two old buzzards!

richard von mew mermaid

Richard von Mewmaid. Very, very wrong….

kitten von mew mermaid

Soooo wanted that sexy tail!

So there you have it! A small collection of our best bits! I hope you have enjoyed them!