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Kitten Meets Brian Blessed

I always think fondly of Brian Blessed for his roles as Spiro in My Family and Other Animals and of course Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon. From an incredible singing voice in cats to a voice over in Star Wars Phantom Menace, this cheerful and approachable chap has done it all…oh yes and climbed Everest…

Well it just so happened that today I got to meet one of my Bucket List Celebrities! I was lucky as he was about to leave the event, but on seeing me bellowed “Where have you been? Ive been waiting for you my whole life!” I had brought him along one of my calendars as a gift and he was so interested in my love of the 40’s and said that he never wanted to grow up out of those eras.

Brian Blessed and Kitten von Mew

Brian Blessed and Kitten von Mew with her 2013 Calendar!

I then asked if he wouldn’t mind signing a mug for me. An odd request I know, but I bought this antique mug from a carboot sale for putting a pincushion in and have become rather fond of it. As it has a mountain climber design and a blank back, I thought it would be the perfect souvenir of our meeting!


Brian Blessed’s autograph on the back of my vintage mug. Im presuming it is 1930’s by the look of it. Best £3 I ever spent!

I had in fact met Brian when I was about 16, but was too star struck to approach him back then. I managed to do some work experience at a local film company (that I later worked for before it closed down). He was doing some voice over work for a documentary on Everest and would walk into the small office building with a booming ‘HELLOOOOOO!” He wouldn’t have remembered me. Back then I had purple hair and hid under baggy jumpers and tartan trousers…

So that was my 30 minute lunch break, what did you do with yours?

Kitten von Food

vintage seaside humour

I HATE diets. Im not a fan of exercise either. I think being someone who’s weeks and weekends are so jam packed (especially with wedding stuff on top!), I am mentally exhausted at the end of it and it takes all my will power to get on that stepper machine.

I don’t want to crack nuts with my thighs, I just want to get them back into my trousers!

To help me along a little with trimming my muffin tops ready for the wedding, I decided to be a good girl and curb my nibbling, eating a bowl of cereal in the morning, raw veg and humous with a glass of chocolate Soya Milk (Im allowed a treat thank you!) for lunch and then some kind of equally dull dinner.

I don’t know what I was expecting to see in the longest 4 days of my life…maybe for my body to eat my bum fat like a cannibal on an all-you-can-eat nudist beach…but nothing, not even a wobble waving a white flag.

Im still struggling with my trousers and willpower. Why is it that when you need to be good, fresh tiger bread twirls it’s fragrant tassels at me and chocolate souffle’s give me a ‘come hither’ smile through their foil topped lids. The cullinary cads.

Measuring for a Bra

Kitten von Mew by Ade Pitman - RAF Fancy 2011

Sometimes it does shock me, the lack of women who get measured for a bra.

My eyes were first opened when I used to host a Body Confidence Course for women. Part of this would be looking at how our clothing, body language and posture can have a huge effect on how we feel about ourselves and make us look larger than we really are.

The beauty of a well fitting bra is that it can help to ‘proportionalise’ (Cambridge, please add that to the dictionary) our bodies. So many of us wear bras that are too small that give a weird ‘mono-boob’. We have 2 breasticles ladies, divide and conquer!

I have recently been upgraded by Mother Nature herself to a respectable 36D, which is ample enough for anyone. Whether you are blessed with flapper girl bee stings or wibbly wobbly vampire biscuits, make the most of what you have.

I have never been afraid of getting measured for brassieres and it is because of my well fitting bras that my nipples aren’t currently tucked into my socks. If prudish about going into a lingerie section and asking for a measure (they now do it with you wearing your current bra, which I find a little strange), then there are plenty of places online that can help. Just remember that different makes of bra can fit slightly differently. Don’t trust any website that says “stick breast infront of webcam thankyou please and weez tell you real nice size…” A good guide you can use to measure yourself at home is this…

Measure under your bust in inches. If it is an odd number (31″, 33″, 35″…) add 5″ to the number and 4″ if it is an even measurement (32″, 34″, 36″…). Write it down.

Measure across you bust at the largest point (if your nips are still at that level, this is usually central).  If your bust is the same size as your under bust measurement, you are typically a size A cup. 1 inch more is a B cup, 2 inches more is a C cup etc.

So…If you are 33″ under your bust, you add 5″, which makes a total of 38″. If you measure across your bust and it is 40″, you would be a 38C.

We change bra sizes throughout our lives, whether due to the ‘Crimson Tide’, pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss or other factors, so try and measure yourself at least every couple of years.

Right, so what are you waiting for? Breast foot forward and all that…

‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ Filming

Kitten von Mew at Volupte 2012

Kitten von Mew at Volupte

On Sunday evening, Mr Mew and I headed to London for the filming of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! This fantastic BBC programme follows antique experts in trying to find bargains at flea markets, carboots and antique shops, then selling them on for a profit.

I first met Katherine Higgins (one of the antique experts of the show) at a publicity shoot for Vintage at Goodwood and we hit it off straight away with a love of vintage clothing, hats and Art Deco!

Kitten von Mew and Katherine Higgins, Vintage at Goodwood Publicity Shoot

Kitten von Mew and Katherine Higgins, Vintage at Goodwood Publicity Shoot

Katherine and I kept in touch at odd intervals and vowed to do something else together. The opportunity finally came with the Antiques Roadshow last year, where I showcased my Art Deco 3 piece suite! Katherine wasn’t going to do the show (filmed at Charlecote Park), but suddenly there she was on the day! We had a great time chatting between takes and it felt like we were old friends.

Kitten von Mew Antique Roadshow 2011

I won’t give the episode away too much, but we filmed in the Volupte Club in London, which is a gorgeous Burlesque supper club. I dressed in my Songbird outfit of canary yellow and pink and brought out my ostrich feather fans, which were then placed on a nearby table. After fanning them out and discussing the shot, we realised that smoke was slowly filling the room like an early 90’s rock video and the ruddy things were on fire! Luckily (although a dreadful smell), the cindered area was picked and fluffed out and barely noticeable after a while. With all the hairspray that must have landed on them in the past 7 years, I thought they would have gone up like a roman candle, so I was very lucky.

We all had a great laugh whilst filming and I had given Katherine one of my pincushion corsages as a gift when she arrived. The complete darling wore it for the entire filming and it really suited her!

Katherine Higgings Wearing Kitten von Mew's Corsage Pincushion

Katherine Higgins Wearing Kitten von Mew's Corsage Pincushion

The programme will be aired this autumn at 5.15pm on the BBC!