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New Victory Fabric by Kitten von Mew!

WWII Victory Fabric designed by Kitten von Mew

At the weekend, amidst a bout of poorliness, I decided to make and COMPLETE my first garment. I am usually very enthusiastic about such challenges and love choosing fabrics and trimmings and carefully cutting out each piece of the pattern…and after about an hour Im through with the sewing machine having eppy-fits and realise that shopping is more fun than making sometimes.

I had purchased a WWII house dress pattern from Etsy which looked rather a lot easier than anything I had attempted before (No buttons or zips! Huzzah!). I quickly ordered this and chose a pretty fabric – bright sky blue with white polka dots and pink, yellow and red flowers.

The only pain about the pattern was that there were no size lines to scale it down, so being an amateur, I made up the piece at the size intended and then put it on and pinned it to my shape. Being so basic this worked well and the only trouble I had with it was the darting and pin tucks, but after a sweet tea, a few naughty words and a good film I managed to get through this trauma.

With my first dress complete (please do not look too closely at it once posted, although proud, there are parts of the sewing where it looks like I was trying to use the machine whilst on a rollercoaster), I am now ready to do another and to celebrate have designed the fabric above!

I am hoping to have this made in time for the War and Peace Show as a comfy sun dress to walk around in.

I have ordered 2 yards and if I need more I will use a contrasting plain cotton I think. It is not currently available for the public to buy as I need to receive the sample before it goes on sale, but if you wanted to order it through me then let me know.


I thought I would share a couple of photos with you of some 1940’s military wooden toys I got Mr. Mew for his Birthday. He is starting to make some WWII inspired things, so thought these would be greta inspiration and show how some of them were made. These would have been the type of wartime gifts you would have bought from Sears in the 1940’s. There were more expensive varieties of WWII toys around, but I loved the fact that these had obviously been played with and seen many ‘carpet battles’ in their time!

I saw three ships come sailing in...!

I saw three ships come sailing in….! With their original paintwork and a couple of missing pieces, these WWII ships are great examples of toys from the period. Metal was highly rationed in the war, meaning a lot of toys were wooden or plush.

WWII Landing Craft and Armoured Vehicle

Although sporting a Netherlands style flag, I do believe this to be an America toy Landing Craft. It also has an armoured vehicle inside that can slide out when the ramp is lowered.

There is something very humbling about these toys. Created for children to take their minds off the horrors of war with a little escapism, but also to bring them closer to their fighting dads, uncles and grandads who were off fighting. They could win any battle with these little wooden toys.