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The Tooth Fairy

Today was another milestone for Betsy as she lost her first tooth! It is an occasion of huge excitement for the children in her school, when they loose their baby teeth. I think most of my classmates (and myself) just suffered from shock when we lost our teeth. I know there was always floods of tears and a blood spotted paper towel anyway.

Betsy and I have been eager for her 2 bottom incisors to come out for a good month. They jostled about like a couple of rodeo bulls in a rowing boat, but did they want to depart? Not on your nelly. Betsy got so frustrated one day that we even tied some cotton to the wobbliest tooth and the other end to Lucy’s cat collar. The aim was to throw a pipe cleaner, cat would leap to catch it, tooth would come flying out, we would become viral video millionaires. We just happened to pick the one day Lucy was taking a sabbatical from her usual merry making.

Finally one of the teeth decided to follow the light and today, at 3.15pm she lost her very first tooth. Huge excitement as it was placed in to a little brown envelope for safe keeping. I went to congratulate Betsy and share in the excitement… only to be collared by several classmates…

“Did you know that the Tooth Fairy gives £5 for your first tooth?!”

“I got a toy when mine came out!”

“I got money AND a toy!”

When I was little I think the tooth fairy only came a few times and I was happy with my 10p, but is the excitement and magic in the money? Or the fact that A FAIRY HAS BEEN SUMMONED TO TAKE YOUR BABY TEETH FROM UNDER YOUR PILLOW?! A frigging FAIRY! The magic should be aimed at this, not financial gain in exchange for you baby molars surely?

From that moment (sorry Betsy!) I decided that she would get the odd coin, but mostly things to fuel her imagination! I wrote her a teeny tiny letter with a fountain pen (it took 5 attempts, but worth it) and bent a bit of broken jewellery to look like a little crown. I can just imagine her face when she reaches under her pillow and finds and actual letter from the Tooth Fairy! She is going to be so excited!

Although popping money under their pillow may be quick and simple, don’t forget how precious children’s imaginations are; especially in this age of instant entertainment. Hold onto these amazing moments for as long as you can and help spread a little magic (and good dental hygiene) for the kiddies in your life.