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Goodwood Revival 2017

Huzzah! It’s that time of year again where we all get to dress up and be part of something truly epic! Goodwood Revival is back in all its Harris Tweed glory. I cannot wait to sing in the VIP area again, with its fantastic vintage BBC radio set up and see all the wonderful Goodwood actors, staff and racing drivers once more. Although this year’s event sold out as quickly as it went on sale, you are in with a chance for next years event, so let me entice you with some of last year’s pictures…

Entertaining the evacuee children with a little bit of Gracie Fields.

I had just gotten to the VIP area and was doing ‘once round the room’ saunter, when a waiter turned round, saw the outfit and dropped a jug of orange juice down me by accident. Sticky, but hilarious! Had to use someone’s hair dryer behind the scenes.

The sound effects for the radio shows!

Recreating old radio shows from the original scripts. An absolute hoot!

For one of the VIP areas you had to walk through a 60’s record shop!

Another VIP entrance. Absolutely incredible England football team dressing room, including a mini pitch outside!

My wonderful boys of No.26. Can’t wait to see them again! Andrew Wareing’s 1964 BRM F1 car, P261

The adorable pedal car race. My personal favourite!

They look tough, but they are pussy cats really…

I asked for a strong tea with a tiny splash of milk. The girl Pantone matched it to the beige table cloth…

The gorgeously suave LM and his chum.

Goodwood Revival 2016

Well it is here again! One of the greatest vintage events in the country, let alone the cars, motorbikes and aircraft! 

I will be posing around the public areas in my fabulous RAF corset outfit, but also doing a few songs in the vintage radio set located in one of the VIP marquees! 

As you will know, months of preparation and hard toil goes in to creating and theming this epic meet, so a huge pat on the back must go to Sue and her GAG team for all their creative genius. I for one cannot wait to see what lies in store this year. Remember to come over and ask for a photo if you spot me, that’s what I’m there for! I will be at Goodwood Revival for the 3 days and I hope to see you all there!

Goodwood Revival 2014 Photos

So another Goodwood Revival has come and gone! I have never seen so many people there as I did this year, it was an epic show. It was wonderful to catch up with familiar faces although I didn’t get my annual Lord March shoulder pat, which was most disappointing…

This years celebrities were the petite and gorgeous Geri Halliwell and the ever grump-tastic Rowan Atkinson who I still adore despite his true Blackadder personality (this was even before he crashed his car, so no excuses!). If you know of more then let me know!

I was looked after beautifully yet again by Sue and the team, who never fail to impress me with their organisational skills and spirit.

Less talk and more pictures! I have more that I will add later! Enjoy!

jackie stewart goodwood revival 2014

Jackie Stewart and Kitten von Mew

sue and kitten goodwood 2014

Sue and Kitten with the cheeky grid girls!

pinup kitten the goodwood revival

1954 Beechcraft BE50 Twin Bonanza called Eve with a ‘My Oregon Lady’ noseart

goodwood 2014

kitten von mew pinup noseart

raf benevolent fund

Heard of Benny and the Jets? Meet Kitten and the Vets! These two fabulous gents were signing books at the RAF Benevolent Fund tent. So much hilarity, we went back the next day for more…and a sing song!


This replica First World War Bi-Plane is part of a project being funded by the famous director Peter Jackson. He is such a massive fan of the aircraft, he had a cameo appearance in one for his film adaption of King Kong.

ww2 vehicles goodwood revival 2014

Amazing track moment on Sunday. I took all these from the Start Line Grandstand. It was the most wonderful moving exhibit of vintage vehicles I have ever seen! And the 2 Lancaster Bombers were incredible moving!

track moment 4 WEB track moment 6 web track moment vets WEB track-moment 2 WEB

jackie stewart goodwood revival 2014

Jackie Stewart and Kitten von Mew. He was one cheeky chappie! Glad some things never change!