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Goodwood Revival 2014 Photos

So another Goodwood Revival has come and gone! I have never seen so many people there as I did this year, it was an epic show. It was wonderful to catch up with familiar faces although I didn’t get my annual Lord March shoulder pat, which was most disappointing…

This years celebrities were the petite and gorgeous Geri Halliwell and the ever grump-tastic Rowan Atkinson who I still adore despite his true Blackadder personality (this was even before he crashed his car, so no excuses!). If you know of more then let me know!

I was looked after beautifully yet again by Sue and the team, who never fail to impress me with their organisational skills and spirit.

Less talk and more pictures! I have more that I will add later! Enjoy!

jackie stewart goodwood revival 2014

Jackie Stewart and Kitten von Mew

sue and kitten goodwood 2014

Sue and Kitten with the cheeky grid girls!

pinup kitten the goodwood revival

1954 Beechcraft BE50 Twin Bonanza called Eve with a ‘My Oregon Lady’ noseart

goodwood 2014

kitten von mew pinup noseart

raf benevolent fund

Heard of Benny and the Jets? Meet Kitten and the Vets! These two fabulous gents were signing books at the RAF Benevolent Fund tent. So much hilarity, we went back the next day for more…and a sing song!


This replica First World War Bi-Plane is part of a project being funded by the famous director Peter Jackson. He is such a massive fan of the aircraft, he had a cameo appearance in one for his film adaption of King Kong.

ww2 vehicles goodwood revival 2014

Amazing track moment on Sunday. I took all these from the Start Line Grandstand. It was the most wonderful moving exhibit of vintage vehicles I have ever seen! And the 2 Lancaster Bombers were incredible moving!

track moment 4 WEB track moment 6 web track moment vets WEB track-moment 2 WEB

jackie stewart goodwood revival 2014

Jackie Stewart and Kitten von Mew. He was one cheeky chappie! Glad some things never change!

About Kitten von Mew

Vintage pinup girl in Great Britain, singing at WWII events, vintage fairs and Blitz Balls with 1940's, 50's and Christmas classics. I also model for Heyday Online, Luxulite Jewellery and have been featured in many publications including Vintage Life, Daily Telegraph, WW2 Reenactors Magazine and more. My other interests include creating Steampunk hats and accessories, writing, being a mother to Betsy Boo, vintage fashion and flea markets! I run a none-profit crafter's group in Snitterfield every week to help combat loneliness, depression and more.

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  1. Aw hello,
    I know this was last years event but I absolutely love your Raf outfit,
    I’m currently in basic training at the moment, but I’m very much into pin up style and this is one outfit I just need! but I’m wondering,if I could possibly purchase one or have to make one on my own?
    Thank you hun! It looks absolutely fabulous!
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hello Briony! Thank you for your lovely comment. I had this made many years ago by an American corsetier. It was actually made from a WW2 officers jacket that was falling to pieces. The hat is actually made from one of the sleeves! I always get asked to wear this outfit and will never be selling it. I hope to pass it onto my daughter to remind her of what an exciting and colourful life her Ma used to have! I’m sure there are costume makers or corsetier a that could make you an outfit. Make it unique though, not a copy. Stand out with a different design 🙂


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