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Pictures from 2011

Today I thought I would bring you a selection of 10 of my images from 2011 and reasons why I have chosen them!

This was taken at Christmas (obviously) by Matt Keller and was one of the very few shoots I did in winter time last year. I like this image because it reminds me of  a lovely Christmas and rounding off a tough year with positivity and hope for the future; the engagement ring for obvious reasons, a glimpse of one of my handmade decorations symbolising my new found love for crafts in my spare time, the red white and blue are a nod to the patriotic WWII themes dotted around the house and the necklace was my Grandmothers, but it actually reminds me of the colours of my Grandad’s tobacco pipe.


This was a little moment captured by Les Auld at War and Peace of Mr. Moo and I dancing together. We are never stoney faced when we dance. Whether we are laughing and smiling or our eyes closed, it means a lot to both of us. It was a lovely surprise to stumble across this image online and it has become one of my favourites.


Taken by Oli Scarff, this was a very impromptu moment after I had just done a press shoot for the Southbank Centre in aid of the Festival of Britain. I had just got changed into something more comfy and Richard and I had headed down from the roof to the first floor outdoor area. I took off my shoes to cool my feet but Richard grabbed my hand and pulled us both into the freezing Appearing Rooms fountain. We danced around in the water, getting absolutely soaked; it was so cold! A few of the press photographers came down the roof steps and one snapped some great images of us dancing. I later contacted Ghetty Images and got 3 of them framed. They are now on our livingroom wall and make me smile.



This image, although fantastic in it’s own right, reminds me of how precious true friends are. It is through the hard times that you find out which people in your life are really there for you in heart as well as in presence and Lisa of Candee Photography is one of those. My closest friend; we always have a giggle on shoots and although disagreements are few and far between, we find ways to overcome difficulties or awkward situations with ease.

We first met on a Sakura Designs shoot, where I had come to London to model hats and she was the photographer. Quiet, rather shy, but a smile to knock the clouds of the highest mountain, we worked well together and I was sorry to have to leave early. Since then we have done countless shoots, including the one above which is for my 2013 calendar. I don’t know what I would do without her and Jacob.


Yes another image taken by Les Auld at War and Peace! This was the debut of my Carmen Mewanda act and a daunting period for me after weight gain through illness. Of course as soon as I got on stage, I loved every moment. It’s funny thinking how upset and unconfident I feel an hour before and how I adore it all once Im up there. I chose this image because of what is actually going on that you cannot see. Although a child friendly version of the act, I managed to vacate the marquee of a party of 30 school children and 2 female teacher…leaving one male one behind and a lot of laughter from my friends Lee and Adam. I couldn’t help but laughing at the teachers nervously shoving the children out the door, even though I was wearing more than a swimsuit on a beach.


I flipping love this snap. Taken by Richard and War and Peace, I was strutting around in my new vintage hat, wearing Heyday Online trousers and blouse and everyday went to see my friend Shona at her stall. She is such a lovely girl and I model for her when I can.


Another candid image taken at Goodwood Revival. I have chosen this image as it was the last day and I was so very tired, losing my speaking voice and suddenly went into a rather silly mood. I think all us entertainers were getting  little exhausted and I ended up sitting on my ‘karaoke crate’ to rest my aching feet and sing in one of the VIP areas. As I sang White Cliffs of Dover, one of the comical cleaning ladies was passing and I thrust the microphone at her. She instinctively started singing and it was a really lovely moment.


Ive chosen this picture (taken by Candee Photography) as it was a really proud moment for both of us. How often do you walk into WHSmith and see yourself on the cover of a glossy? I also chose it because of our hilarious ‘studio setup’ but Im sorry, we cannot reveal our secrets…

Not chosen for the quality of image, but more the people in it. My dear friends Don and Stephanie, who I bonded with through a sad passing of one of my fans. Also because you cannot tell that I am suffering from Laryngitis, Sinusitis, a temperature of 104 and jetlag.


Kitten von Mew by Lee Parker

Need I say more?…

Tis the Season to be a Wally…

I seem to have odd spouts of accidents at the moment. Yesterday I knocked my brain into the sink when I walloped my head on the corner of the kitchen cupboard door and an hour later smashed the glass salt seller too. I decided to vacate to the sofa lest I turn the light on and burn the house down.

After reassuring myself that hemming my knuckles with the sewing machine would be a highly unlikely situation I altered the rest of my beloved Heyday trousers to fit, mended 2 vintage dresses and watched Hart’s War with Mr. Mew; balancing an ice pack on my head.

It is most peculiar when you bosh your bonce. In horror movies, blood spurts out of the wound like an Italian courtyard fountain. This creates a visual spectacle equal to the pain. Although the pain was excruciating, there was no blood, no graze, no bump… nothing to show anyone why I was shouting ‘Ow’ other than holding my head and pointing at the cupboard door like a 3 year old. In fact I was so stunned I couldn’t even say owt.

I am sure as a child we were made of sponge balls.  I would have knock after knock; suffer bruised knees, picked scabs and fashion a plethora of first aid plasters, but after a quick hug from Ma and a loving squeeze I would bounce back ready for the next accident.  As an adult, I hit my head and I’m not able to do anything for half the flipping day. Where have my sponge balls gone?!?!

We wish you a Merry Christmas in a Mess Hut near here…

On Saturday I performed at the Ashdown Camp in Evesham for a reenactors group Christmas party. Cosy and warm from the log burning stove in the corrugated iron mess hut, it was an intimate affair but a wonderful one. The ladies of the group had all turned out in their best, some even in beautiful long gowns, and the men in the German uniforms. There was a small bar and buffet and I sang a 40 minute set at 9pm which included 40’s songs, Christmas tunes and a sneaky 50’s number!

I wore my long black and white gown with a train, red gloves and a 1930’s red santa cape, which was originally worn by a girl in the circus (bought in LA).

Everyone was so kind and Mr Mew and I chatted with them all evening until we had to go home.

Above is just a short little video taken that night. it was so dark, our little camera struggled, but it just serves as a nice reminder of a lovely evening!

Next weekend I am singing at the vintage fair at The Vic in Swindon as well as manning my own stall!

Have a Very Beret Christmas

Red Beret adoned by Kitten von Mew

Whilst recovering from my keyhole surgery, I decided to make something for myself for a change! I am a huge fan of berets, so took one out of my cupboard and set to work on decorating it. I have to say it was highly enjoyable and I was very pleased with the outcome! With pearl beads from a broken necklace and felt swallows, hearts and flowers, it has cheered up my headwear no end and looks great with my red coat! I will make some to sell if the prove popular!

Kitten's Beret - Back

Kitten von Mew’s Burlesque Feathers Fabric

Burlesque Feathers Fabric by Kitten von Mew

This is my fabric design that I have entered into a competition, which will start on 29th November! Once my test swatch has come, you will be able to order some for yourself!

Check out my fabric shop here for more designs on sale and preview!

WWII Weekender – Rockford Illinois

On 23rd September Mr. Mew and I jetted off to Chicago to a WWII event in Rockford Illinois. This was a huge excuse to meet up (for the very first time) with 2 friends from Facebook who’s friendship became so great that I felt like we were long lost relatives.

Unfortunately for everyone else I had over done the drama of my diva bride role at Goodwood Revival the weekend before so ended up with Laryngitis and lost my voice. I was mortified as I was supposed to be singing and performing in Illinois and felt like I was letting a lot of people down. Don and Stephanie did their best to put my mind at rest and were so incredibly generous and sweet to Richard and I.

Kitten von Mew, Richard, Don and Stephanie Pitchers

I couldn’t have been the best company with sniffles, coughing fits and temperature, but everyone made us feel so welcome and the event itself was spectacular. Based at an open air museum in Rockford, there was a large wooded area where camps had been set up and a few trenches dug throughout. There also a huge expanse of ground with around 7 old wooden slatted buildings ranging from homes to a hospital and church. There was also a large straw barn, water tower and stable block and a street with a blacksmith, cafe, bank and shops. This street was also where a battle reenactment took place!

Battle Reenactment down the main street taken by KvM

Attending the wounded taken by KvM

Certain groups were stationed in the houses including the WACs in the old hospital. In the central grass clearing there were more army tents set up and towards the barn/ stables were a few vintage military stalls.

Kitten and Richard at the Rockford WWII Weekender

Inside the Rockford Hospital - WACs Post taken by KvM

It amazed me that some things you can get over here are quite expensive (OTT 1940’s swing ties £20 and up) but over there you were looking at the equivelant of £5. Apparently civilian fashions in South America in WWII were muted colours of grey, navy and black; not like the glamorous pieces in Hollywood films I innocently thought were factual. People seem to be more into the military side of things and civilian are only lightly touched upon. Even then, they tend not to go for the garish ties that I love (hurrah for Mr. Mew who snapped up 2!).

Reenactors enjoying the sun at Rockford WWII Weekender taken by KvM

One of the best parts of the weekend (other than the wonderful hotel room that aided my poorliness) was a right on top of a Sherman tank through the woods! Richard sat astride the great gun barrel and I batted away branches with 4 others right on the very top of the tank. It was a wonderful feeling and you got a great view of people’s camps.

Richard on the Sherman Tank! Taken by KvM

On the first day I was only well enough to stay for 2 1/2 hours before retreating back to the hotel and to bed. We had been  up for 24 hours with 3 hours sleep after that, so needed rest! The next day we went to the event early and even got to visit the Rockford Museum – Home of Sock Moneys and the Rockford Peaches Baseball Team!

Kitten von Mew and Richard at Rockford Museum

We got to meet the apposing team (well, 2 of) when enjoying a rest in the woods. They get the uniforms specially made for each girl, don’t they look authentic?! We missed the game itself which was a shame, but greta to meet the girls.

1940's Womens Baseball Team and Kitten von Mew! Taken by Richard

I loved seeing their cavalry horses, which is something we don’t see in British WWII events. Of course the Polish and Germans used horses at the beginning of the war (including other countries). It was a wonderful site, although strange seeing Americans dressed as German soldiers. On speaking to an Iraqi veteran about this, I was informed that the Germans had actually taught the American armies battle techniques, how to march and fight in the 1700’s and that some of their ancestors had been German.

WWII German Cavalry. Taken by KvM

WWII German Car and Soldier. Taken by KvM

On the Sunday, just before leaving, Richard and I decided to go for a stroll in the woods. It was gorgeous and we spotted some Chipmunks! There were also a couple of baby squirrels that had obviuosly fallen out of their nest as they were too young. They kept following our shadow until 1 climbed up on Richard. Weirdly enough this isn’t the 1st time this has happened to me! Stephanie and Don didn’t believe us when we came back with the excuse that we had been attacked by baby squirrels…Until they saw the evidence…!

Baby Squirrel on Richard's Back! Taken by KvM

Richard and I would like to say a HUUUUUGE thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome, despite being unable to perform or speak much. I promise that I will make it up to you all and will be back…fit and healthy!!!


War and Peace Show – Carmen Mewanda Burlesque

This video was taken by my great friend Lee Parker of my new Carmen Mewanda act that debuted at Wartime in the Vale this year. This clip was recorded on the Saturday evening at War and Peace 2011 with live singing and a fun strip tease. I hope you enjoy!