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Dressing Gown Lingerie Shoot with Lee Parker Photography

Another set for you! Wearing Playful Promises Betty Page lingerie and an incredible custom made robe! Hair by the talented KDB Vintage Hairstyling.

All photos copyright Lee Parker Photography, so please ask permission before using.


Bridal Boudoir Shoot with Lee Parker

I am finally showing you some more photos from the fantastic shoot I did late last year with Lee Parker Photography (Sussex). We only had the West Midlands venue for 6 hours, but managed to do a few different themes within that time and incorporated some bouquets, shoes and veil from local businesses!

This bridal boudoir photo shoot turned out beautifully and features shoes and veil from Boho Bride Boutique in Stratford upon Avon as well as brooch bouquets by Kerry Gold at Bouquet Chic Unique. The stockings are vintage 1950’s as is my bustier and the garters have been made by Extra Special Touch.

My hair was masterfully styles by the talented Karen D Bebbington of KDB Vintage Hairstyling!

I will post images of the other parts of the shoot asap and we have another booked in April! Yippeeeeee!

If you would like to book Lee Parker for a shoot then you can message him


Remember that all these photos are the photographer’s copyright and cannot be used unless prior permission.

Stoneleigh Militaria 2018

What a lovely weekend! We managed to hire our first ever baby sitter (eek!) and head off to Woody at War’s 1940’s dance at Stoneleigh on the Saturday evening. We haven’t been to a dance since I was pregnant! The last time I went to this one was when Kieran at the USO Shows was running it, so I didn’t know what to expect. Woody had done an excellent job and had even set up a little USO stage for me to sing on! The place was packed and everyone looked wonderful.

On the Sunday it was time for the Stoneleigh Militaria Show. I was singing in the foyer at 1pm, so we had plenty of time to walk around the stalls! I had managed to do little victory rolls in Betsy’s hair and she looked ridiculously cute in her khaki jumpsuit and headscarf.

There were 3 really good clothing stalls at the show 2 in the main hall, 1 in the second) and I got a lovely bargain 50’s straw bag and a jacket to wear with my Heyday trousers. Richard got me a lovely wool suit for Valentine’s that I can’t wait to wear!

It was wonderful to see some familiar faces and new ones alike. Some people I hadn’t seen for so long, they didn’t realise that I now sing?! So many cuddles and greetings, lots of cooing over Queen B and her hair, lots of catching up and a great singing set. I always enjoy this show, I think many of us treat it as the ‘real’ new year in the 1940’s scene as it is the first event of the year for us! It seemed to be a lot busier this year too.

Betsy’s First Nativity Play

Now, I’m not religious. I class myself as a ‘lazy pagan’, but I was very much looking forward to seeing Betsy in her first ever Christmas Nativity. I bought 2 gold star costumes, with the intention of sewing both together. I chose the type with a face hole in the front, as the others featured a tall cone hat, which made the child look like part of a festive Ku Klux Klan.

With grandiose visions of Betsy’s adorable cherub face framed with gold at the front of the stage, I set to work. Would she try on her costume? Would heck. I tried for a week and then gave up until the morning of the play (today). We started off with a factor 4.5 toddler quake as she struggled free of her sparkly straight jacket and proceeded to let me know her distaste of this morning’s ensemble. I tried again. This time the eruption had more force, tearing the costume and causing a screaming tantrum that included: not liking what was on telly, not wanting to get dressed and not appreciating me trying to brush her hair.

We were now at 8.50am. Betsy was meant to be at nursery school at 9am and the Nativity was at 9.30am. I tried to salvage the costume as much as I could; sewing one panel onto the shoulders of one of her vests. This too was not a wanted alternative and the toddler quake reached a heady 8.5. With screams that only bats and dogs could hear, snot, kicking and tears, I eventually got the blasted thing on her.

At 9.10am I gave up all hopes of a starry vision of splendour and settled for a disgruntled, 4 pointed huff on legs.

I managed to drop her off just as they were getting ready to walk the little darlings to the hall and my heart dropped as I saw about 5 little girls, all wearing their star costumes beautifully… and boasting 5 points, no aggressive stitching onto vest tops or tears. It was what it was, she’s 2 so I couldn’t expect too much.

When the tots were walked onto the stage, they initially put Betsy behind all the more luxurious alpha stars. Every so often I could see her little head bob up behind a padded gold point. After ducking and diving around the hall I finally found a spot that I could see her more clearly (nestled between the recycling bin and a lady counting her raffle tickets). Betsy was doing a stellar job of grabbing fistfuls of straw out of the makeshift manger, whilst Mary was trying desperately to replace it and keep her composure.

In the end, Betsy was picked up and moved to the front. It was great seeing her singing along, even if her costume was more like a giant discarded gold sweet wrapper than a star. She wasn’t crying, she wasn’t picking her nose and she didn’t scream for Mama. That’s a plus in my book. Let’s see what her next one is like…

More Photos From Stratford upon Avon Christmas Festival

Thank you to the extremely talented local photographer Charlotte Doran Davies for these wonderful images!

Next year I hope to take some photos of the actual festival myself!

Just in case you are not aware, I made the little top hat myself. Check out Cogsmith’s Curious Creations on Facebook for more designs!

Art Fever UK Custom Blinds

Art Fever UK Custom Blinds

Well, I was hoping that by October, Betsy would have an awesome new bed and slight theme change in her bedroom.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, but I did get one thing done at least! Although she has blackout curtains, the early morning and late afternoon summer sunshine beamed through the top and sides at ridiculous-o-clock each day. I decided to get her some blackout blinds and fancied some with stars on. I just could find anything quite right! I didn’t want a pattern, but more the feeling of looking out at a magical night sky.

I luckily found Art Fever UK on Etsy. Located in Warwickshire, they have a super little workshop and a really friendly service. My messages were answered quickly and I decided to go and meet them and collect my order instead of waiting for the courier!

How great does this look? You can literally choose from thousands of stock images or use your own photos to get printed on custom blinds or canvases! The quality is fantastic and as they are made to measure, it was the perfect fit for Betsy’s window.

I had a wonderful time chatting in the office and meeting their two resident doggies. So flipping cute!

I can’t wait to get a different design for our bedroom now! If anyone else suffers with migraines, you’ll know how important a really dark room is and sometimes curtains just aren’t enough. So whether you are redecorating in the new year and want to theme a room or just want a decorative blackout blind for a better night’s sleep, I definitely recommend these guys!

You can find their website HERE.

Christmas Vintage Pinup!

I thought I would treat you to a fun little shoot I did in the snow on Saturday! A little bit of vintage pinup for the festive season. ‘Yule’ love it!

Wearing an original 1950’s gold lame swimsuit; originally used in a circus in LA, 1940’s rubber and fur over boots and a 1930’s fur muff with ruched silk on the back with a hidden purse pocket. The boots are wonderful as you just wear your own mid-heel shoes inside. They act as wellies to keep the rain, snow and mud off your footwear!




Kitten von Mew xxx


Photos taken by Richard von Mew