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Goodwood Revival 2012


Murray Walker and Kitten von Mew, Goodwood 2011

With only 9 days left until the glory of Goodwood Revival yet again zooms it’s way around the track, I thought I would tell you some exciting developments for this year’s show! Revival is far from just classic car racing Catnips, it is a full day of entertainment, vintage and vintage inspired stalls, aircraft displays, famous racing car displays and more!


Goodwood Revival Party 2010 with Kitten and Lord March

This year is especially exciting for me as they are featuring a new entertainments section called Over The Road, which is more early 1940’s inspired than the 1948-1966 areas that are usually on offer! Here you will find the famous Chap Olympiad (Ok, so they are more 20’s/30’s, but they are also a complete hoot and worth watching!) and Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer who wraps in a King’s English accent over hip hop soundtracks and also pays the banjo splendidly(I will be sneakily trying to catch a glimpse myself as YouTube videos will not quench my thirst for his eclectic rhythm). As well as this there will be other pieces of entertainment in the Victory Street Party, which hosts a variety of stalls, an Earl Grey Tea Shop (yum!) and 2 hilarious eateries/ watering holes named Dig For Victory (think salads and fruit smoothies) and the Spit n Sawdust pub!


Kitten with Sue O Donoghue at Goodwood Revival 2011

I will be there in my RAF corset doing meet and greets and posing for pictures, so please collar me as I walk by for a photo and chat! I hope to see many regular faces as well as new ones and remember to take the opportunity to dress up and join in the fun!


Kitten and little soldier at Goodwood 2011


Kitten and Chris Barrie at Goodwood 2011

GasCase – Gerry Can Suitcase


Kitten modelling the GasCase Fuel Edition in Green, taken at War and Peace 2012 by C and A Photography

As soon as I stumbled across the GasCase website I admit to squealing and clapping my hands together like a 5 year old. Visions of tottering around shows with an army green Gerry Can on wheels was too much excitement and I had to get a chocolate biscuit, lest I go into shock.

The Gas Case suitcase is in fact a REAL Gerry Can, so extremely sturdy and great for recording/ sound equipment that needs a tough case. With either a flip-top life (see mine above) called the Fuel Edition or the classic Diesel style, they are superb for weekends away, WWII events, carrying your shopping like a man or business trips!

With 6 awesome colours to choose from, you can tailor your case to your car or outfit. Why not spray it up like a WWII gas can?


GasCase Website

Wheelie suitcases are soooo useful and trying to find something that looks moderately vintage can be a royal pain, but these are perfect for my military events! I happily steered ‘Jerry’ around the show as he kept my calendars safe and rain-free.

If you are interested in finding out more, just click on the pictures above to be taken to the website (In German and English) or email!

Kitten will be at Retro Revival, 22nd Sept 2012!

Retro Revival 1940s Event

So Mr. Moo emailed me earlier today and said something on the lines of “Well gee-whizz Mrs Mew, did you see the fabulous image Retro Revival are using on their advertisement of you?”

As I had never heard of the event I went and had a peek…Low and behold it is being organised by my gorgeously purrfect pals at Friends of the 40’s!

I have performed in Manchester and Sheffield, but never Liverpool and Ian and Sam have invited me to make an appearance at the event! I will be performing at Goodwood Revival the weekend before and am determined NOT to get laryngitis this time, so hopefully I will be singing for you at Retro Revival and will pose for photos too! You will see me in my ATS corset along with another vintage outfit (coverage will depend on the weather).

So if you are around the Merseyside area or looking for a 1940’s event more “Up t’ North like”, pop along to this Saturday event!

Kitten von Mew and The Berliner Video!