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War and Peace Revival 2013 – Gallery 1

Here is a small selection of photos from the 1st ever War and Peace Revival! More to come I promise, but I wanted to get these up as I know some of you are chomping at the bit!

It was incredibly hot for the whole week with only a short cloudy burst on the Friday. I didn’t get around the dioramas due to a hectic schedule and feeling as if I were walking through treacle from the heat, but did get to the Vintage Village and the rest!

Kitten von Mew on Miniature Jeep

Miniature Jeep or 60ft woman? You decide! Kitten von Mew at War and Peace Revival 2013. Taken by RvM

Kitten with Military World Magazine

Kitten signing her centre page pin-up poster of Military World Magazine. Taken by RvM

Kitten von Mew and Allo Allo

Kitten with Vicki Michelle and Sue Hodges of ‘Allo ‘Allo! Taken by RvM

Kitten Von Mew Poster Girl

Kitten the poster gal! Check out the monster banner behind! Yowza! Taken by RvM

vintage village display

In the Vintage Village Display watching Beverly teach someone how to darn a sock!
Photo by Kitten von Mew

vintage village textiles

Vintage textile bits and bobs on Bev’s display. Taken by Kitten von Mew

vintage village crochet bra

More of Bev’s display including a wonderful crochet bra! Taken by Kitten von Mew

wet stockings

Wet stocking been dried in the Vintage Village with Mr Mew behind! Taken by KvM

vintage pantry

A vintage pantry display in the kitchen diorama. Taken by KvM

kitten von mew 1940's livingroom

Kitten von Mew in the 1940’s living room diorama! Taken by RvM

toy soldiers

Toy soldiers for sale in the market place. Taken by KvM

ww2 tin toy armoured car

WW2 tin toy armoured vehicle in the market place. Taken by KvM

kitten von mew group shot

Sincerely Yours, Swingtime Sweethearts, Viv the Spiv and Kitten von Mew in the V Marquee

kitten von mew and raf

Kitten von Mew and her wonderful ‘Colonel Whiskers’, her favourite at the events. Taken by RvM

kitten von mew and raf crew

Kitten and RAF crew with one of the model spitfires at War and Peace Revival

More to come I promise!!!

Who You Gonna Call?…Dambusters!


On Saturday I was lucky enough to sing at St Peter’s Church in Wellesbourne, which was playing host to a special event! Philip West (an amazing aviation artist) and the local historical society Walton History Group arrange a special celebration for the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters Raid. This bombing raid, known as Operation Chastise was completed by the 617 squadron and Squadron Leader George L. ‘Johnny’ Johnson was there! Johnny as he is affectionately called was the bomber aimer in one of the specially modified Avro Lancaster Mk III’s and told us all about his time in the war, from training to be a pilot (which he was dreadful at and had no intention of being) to becoming a husband and bomber aimer for one of the most significant raids in WWII history.

We also had the pleasure of meeting the daughter of Barnes Wallis; the creater of the bouncing bomb too! She shared stories of how her father tested out bouncing bomb ideas in the garden using her marbles.


I volunteered to sing some 1940’s songs in exchange for one of Philip’s fabulous prints and an autograph from the artist and George Johnson! My cheeky request was accepted and I was so happy to be part of this wonderful event. Everyone was wonderful and we got to meet some amazing people such as Iris Erwin who’s husband Sgt E C Erwin was one of the Path Finders in the war and was captured and sent to a P.O.W. camp. He escaped a few times, but was soon found again and put back. He survived the war, but unfortunately no longer alive, so his wonderful wife now holds on to his amazing paraphernalia. From a rice paper P.O.W. map of Germany and the border hidden in the back of a bible to his RAF jacket, she has kept everything immaculately. She even has a wedding card in the shape of a black cat’s head of which he took with his to war and it never left his pocket, even in the prisoner of war camps. I was so taken with this wonderful lady that I am planning to ask her for an interview as a feature in Military World Magazine soon. She completely stole our hearts, especially as whilst I was singing a bit of Gracie Fields, she came and shuffling and bobbing along with her little walking stick. She reminded me a little of a wind up tin toy doll and we wanted to take her home with us!

SAM_9737web SAM_9752-web

I do not wish to say much more as I plan to do a write up on this event in the magazine, so do not want to be repeating myself! Rest assured there will be more photos added and I will post a copy of the article once it has been published!

London Trip – Churchill’s War Rooms and the Troxy

imperial war museum kitten von mew

Kitten von Mew outside the Imperial War Museum, London

In February we decided upon a  weekend trip to London, originally to go to The Imperial War Museum and a cinema event at the Troxy. I had been waiting for a free day to visit the museum and we were so excited about it! After a rather bad night at a Premier Inn (Angry Welsh drunks shouting down the corridor and the receptionist pumping up the volume of the foyer music to ease her boredom), we got dressed and gleefully made our way to the IWM. I can honestly say that I shed a tear as we were met at the door by a security person who told us the museum was closed until late summer and that most of the WWII exhibits were being relocated to Duxford. My insides were throwing toys out of my pram as I tried to outwardly keep composure, but the poor lady saw how mortified I was.

imperial war museum london

Imperial War Museum in London, taken by Kitten von Mew

We decided to check out Churchill’s War Rooms instead as we were dressed up, so made the trek to St James’ Park over the river. The ticket price was £17 each, which seemed a tad steep, but did include an audio tour in the form of a handset. The cabinet war rooms are a maze of tunnels and rooms below the Treasury building and feature original fixings, furniture, maps and phones. You definitely need the audio guide as you walk around as it is the only thing to explain what you are currently looking at. This is nice in a way as walls are not covered with descriptions, but not great for deaf visitors (although I am sure they must have a special free guide book for that purpose).

churchills war rooms

Churchill’s War Rooms – Phone and WWII Map. Taken by Kitten von Mew

I especially liked looking at the old war maps with their pins, string and roughly penned sunken ships and notes. The coloured scramble phones were also amazing (look out for the green handled ones that were used for top secret, highly important information!). It was also great looking into Winston’s bedroom and his wife’s room further down the corridor. They had even gone to the trouble of putting out one of his cigars on the bedside table ashtray!

winston churchills bedroom

Winston Churchill’s bedroom in the Cabinet War Rooms. Taken by Kitten von Mew

Lighting is extremely low in the War Rooms and as the doorways to rooms are covered with clear perspex, this makes it difficult to take good photos, so excuse my efforts!

the cabinet war rooms ww2 maps

Close up of the pins and string for the maps in the Cabinet War Rooms. Taken by Kitten von Mew

The next day we dressed up in our finest to go to the Future Cinema event at The Troxy. This time it was Casablanca and the theming of the place was perfect.

future cinema casablanca

Mr Mew outside the ‘Rick’s Cafe’ entrance to the Future Cinema event. Taken by Kitten von Mew

future cinema kitten von mew

Richard and Kitten Von Mew outside the Troxy back entrance.

troxy interior

Interior of the Troxy. Capturing some of the action of Future Cinema’s Casablanca! Taken by Kitten von Mew.

future cinema casablanca kitten von mew

Play it Sam! Kitten and ‘Sam’ at The Troxy.

1940s fashion kitten von mew

Kitten von Mew, taken by Richard Von Mew

What a great way to watch a fabulous film and round off the weekend!

Once More onto the Beach Dear Friends

Well it may have been the Weymouth Olympics, but Mr Mew and I ventured to the seaside town as a last nod to my parents wonderful harbour view flat. Although it has been a rental property for the passed few years, we have been able to spend a few precious weekends looking over the boats, being awoken by the crazy artist living above us and mew-andering through the town and onto the beach. It is with much sadness that my parents have to sell the flat and it is now that I am realising how much I adored the place.

We also used it as a great excuse to go back to Lyme Regis; a chocolate box seaside town with a steep hill, adorable beach and some fine vintage shops too!



Richard and Kitten von Mew with the colourful Lyme Regis Beach Huts

I tell you one thing. You have to praise what the council has done to brighten up the place for the Olympics!

The dress (above) was bought in one of the antique shops and it was a relief to get out of my heavy 40’s jacket and trousers into an original, cool summer dress!


Painting pebbles on Lyme Regis Beach. They were selling them in aid of the Lifeboats which we thought was lovely. I donated mine to the cause and copied the view of the coastline in front of me.

I haven’t painted stones since I was little and I have to say it was wonderfully therapeutic! They were selling some for charity, so I decided to do one too to add to the collection! Very proud of my efforts 🙂



Kitten von Mew on Weymouth Beach with the Punch and Judy Theatre


Collage of Weymouth Beach. Loving the deckchairs!


The Remembrance Garden and monument by Weymouth Beach. I was very moved with the sun bleached wooden crossed, some of which had the names of people who served in the 1st and 2nd World Wars.


Some of the wonderful people in the crowds of the Olympics and the traffic sign that once said ROAD CLOSED now emblazoned with Ben Ainslie GOLD





Wartime in the Vale Video

I wanted to share this video with you, taken by Olivia Orchid of Shadowflower Photography at Wartime in the Vale 2012. It is the first time Ive seen a proper video of Mr Mew and I dancing and it was so nice to see!

Honeymoon Snaps

Short of getting the projector out to sit you down in front of 100’s of slides with an informative oral description for each, I thought I should post some of our honeymoon snaps for you to oogle over…

kitten von mew honeymoon

Richard and Kitten von Mew in their honeymoon outfits at Orlando Airport!

We left the wedding Blitz Ball in sheets of rain, bound for London to an airport hotel. After a few hours sleep we headed for the airport and found ourselves practising for the theme park queues as we checked our luggage in. Good old Virgin tried to sit us in completely different parts of the plane, but after a lot of persistence we managed to get a seat next to each other in economy without having to pay for an upgrade.

We got a great reaction from passengers about our Honeymoon outfits and cases, but I think the airport staff thought we were just trying to get a free upgrade and had come in fancy dress! The Orlando airport crew were completely different and people at the desk were even taking pictures on their phones!


Kitten by the Hogwarts Express at Island Of Adventure, Universal Studios

The Harry Potter world was the main thing I had been looking forward to in the theme parks and I literally shook with excitement as soon as I saw the gate leading into a replica of Hogsmeade. Complete with snow capped roofs, Owl Post and all the shops associated with the books and movies, I was in my element!!!


Hogsmeade in asbestos skinned tourist season

The snow was so realistic it was surreal to see everyone walking around in t-shirts and not jumpers!


Hogwarts taken from the queue for the ride


Kitten next to the Back to the Future Delorean. Oh how I wish I was in a 1950’s prom dress for this photo!

kitten von mew-betty-boop

Kitten at Island of Adventure

Kitten and ‘Tyrannosaurus-Pex’ outside the Jurassic Park ride after getting soaked!

As well as Universal we went to Epcot, which hasn’t changed since I first went at age 11 and watched the fireworks over the lake. It rained rather a lot whilst we were away, but it would have been too hot without it!


Found him!


Troll Hunter extraordinaire!


The Reef Restaurant at Epcot where we had a meal. It has a wall of glass so that you can see the huge aquarium, which is full of sharks, fish and sea turtles!


Epcot fireworks and laser display


Tusken Raider scaring the kittens out of me at Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekend


Mr and Mrs Mew at their Polynesian Resort honeymoon hotel for the 1st week of their stay!


Lazing in a hammock on the Polynesian Resort beach


The tropical landscaping of the hotel was stunning! We love Tiki!


The gorgeous foyer of the hotel. Could have spent all day in there alone!

richard von mew downtown disney

Mr Mew at Downtown Disney….yup, raining again!

kitten von mew disney world


In the 100 Acre Wood, we stumbled on an all you can eat buffet… Crazily enough everyone kept asking whether I was a Lucille Ball lookalike…


“Mr De-Mille, I’m ready for my closeup…and bring that balloon lady back, she promised me a poodle damn it!”


Despicable Mew…”He’s so fluffy!!!”

We were lucky enough to be some of the testers for the new Despicable Me 3D ride, which opens in a month. It was amaaaaazing!


Richard was determined to test every weird dessert in the buffet. I said he would be Winnie the Poohing like a Teletubby, but it didn’t listen.

Richard and I met up with our close friends Stephanie and Don in the 2nd week, who took us to some amazing places!!!


Kitten, Don and Stephanie Pitchers!

Fantasy of Flight is well worth a visit! Created by Kermit, they collect and restore propeller planes. We got a tour of the areas that they restore different pieces, their collection of original WWII engines still in the crates and got to meet Kermit himself after he demonstrated his flying abilities in one of his favourite planes.


Apache Princess at Fantasy of Flight


Kitty Nose Art at Fantasy of Flight!


Cripes Almighty at Fantasy of Flight

fantasy of flight

Fantasy of Flight Art Deco Hangers


Mickey Mouse Pylon, just the one, but thought it was a great idea. Imagine the bubbles you could make with this if you had enough washing up liquid!!!


Beam me up spotty! UFO in Old Town


Monsieur B Nana and Mr Mew

richard von mew didgeridoo


richard von mew-et

Phone home!


Hot rods parading in Old Town


Gorgeous pinstriping on one of the hot rods!

weeki wachee springs

Weeki Wachee Springs – A nature reserve, natural swimming pool and underwater theatre!

weeki watchee mermaids

The Weeki Watchee Mermaids have been putting on shows here since 1947!


You better ‘Weeki Wachee’ these two old buzzards!

richard von mew mermaid

Richard von Mewmaid. Very, very wrong….

kitten von mew mermaid

Soooo wanted that sexy tail!

So there you have it! A small collection of our best bits! I hope you have enjoyed them!

Our 1940’s Wedding Blog Page is Up!

WWII wedding guard of honour

The Garrison Group Guard of Honour, who created a spectacular arch for us. Taken by Candee Photography

You can see just a snippet of our amazing wedding HERE with photos from Candee Photography! Awaiting many more pictures from other photographers to add too!

Pictures from 2011

Today I thought I would bring you a selection of 10 of my images from 2011 and reasons why I have chosen them!

This was taken at Christmas (obviously) by Matt Keller and was one of the very few shoots I did in winter time last year. I like this image because it reminds me of  a lovely Christmas and rounding off a tough year with positivity and hope for the future; the engagement ring for obvious reasons, a glimpse of one of my handmade decorations symbolising my new found love for crafts in my spare time, the red white and blue are a nod to the patriotic WWII themes dotted around the house and the necklace was my Grandmothers, but it actually reminds me of the colours of my Grandad’s tobacco pipe.


This was a little moment captured by Les Auld at War and Peace of Mr. Moo and I dancing together. We are never stoney faced when we dance. Whether we are laughing and smiling or our eyes closed, it means a lot to both of us. It was a lovely surprise to stumble across this image online and it has become one of my favourites.


Taken by Oli Scarff, this was a very impromptu moment after I had just done a press shoot for the Southbank Centre in aid of the Festival of Britain. I had just got changed into something more comfy and Richard and I had headed down from the roof to the first floor outdoor area. I took off my shoes to cool my feet but Richard grabbed my hand and pulled us both into the freezing Appearing Rooms fountain. We danced around in the water, getting absolutely soaked; it was so cold! A few of the press photographers came down the roof steps and one snapped some great images of us dancing. I later contacted Ghetty Images and got 3 of them framed. They are now on our livingroom wall and make me smile.



This image, although fantastic in it’s own right, reminds me of how precious true friends are. It is through the hard times that you find out which people in your life are really there for you in heart as well as in presence and Lisa of Candee Photography is one of those. My closest friend; we always have a giggle on shoots and although disagreements are few and far between, we find ways to overcome difficulties or awkward situations with ease.

We first met on a Sakura Designs shoot, where I had come to London to model hats and she was the photographer. Quiet, rather shy, but a smile to knock the clouds of the highest mountain, we worked well together and I was sorry to have to leave early. Since then we have done countless shoots, including the one above which is for my 2013 calendar. I don’t know what I would do without her and Jacob.


Yes another image taken by Les Auld at War and Peace! This was the debut of my Carmen Mewanda act and a daunting period for me after weight gain through illness. Of course as soon as I got on stage, I loved every moment. It’s funny thinking how upset and unconfident I feel an hour before and how I adore it all once Im up there. I chose this image because of what is actually going on that you cannot see. Although a child friendly version of the act, I managed to vacate the marquee of a party of 30 school children and 2 female teacher…leaving one male one behind and a lot of laughter from my friends Lee and Adam. I couldn’t help but laughing at the teachers nervously shoving the children out the door, even though I was wearing more than a swimsuit on a beach.


I flipping love this snap. Taken by Richard and War and Peace, I was strutting around in my new vintage hat, wearing Heyday Online trousers and blouse and everyday went to see my friend Shona at her stall. She is such a lovely girl and I model for her when I can.


Another candid image taken at Goodwood Revival. I have chosen this image as it was the last day and I was so very tired, losing my speaking voice and suddenly went into a rather silly mood. I think all us entertainers were getting  little exhausted and I ended up sitting on my ‘karaoke crate’ to rest my aching feet and sing in one of the VIP areas. As I sang White Cliffs of Dover, one of the comical cleaning ladies was passing and I thrust the microphone at her. She instinctively started singing and it was a really lovely moment.


Ive chosen this picture (taken by Candee Photography) as it was a really proud moment for both of us. How often do you walk into WHSmith and see yourself on the cover of a glossy? I also chose it because of our hilarious ‘studio setup’ but Im sorry, we cannot reveal our secrets…

Not chosen for the quality of image, but more the people in it. My dear friends Don and Stephanie, who I bonded with through a sad passing of one of my fans. Also because you cannot tell that I am suffering from Laryngitis, Sinusitis, a temperature of 104 and jetlag.


Kitten von Mew by Lee Parker

Need I say more?…