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Echoes of History Show 2019

Echoes of History Show 2019

This event has changed site so many times and now has a shiny new name, but will forever been in my heart as Betsy’s first event. At 4 weeks old, she watched Mama sing for the first time and began her journey through the crazy event-filled world that is now her life.

Echoes of History has found a home in Purleigh, not too far from its previous locations. It will grow as word of mouth spreads. The living history areas are fantastic, plenty of eateries, great toilet facilities, main arena shows and live music as well as Air Raid Jive demonstrations too. There were not enough stalls in my opinion, but the organiser did say that it unfortunately clashed with another show. Next year will be better on that front!

There are big plans with this Essex event. A retro area and funfair are in the pipeline, with more classic cars too.

The Saturday was a bit quiet as the winds were getting up to 42mph, causing havoc with gazebos, tents and stylish headwear. Luckily today has been a lot better and a definite increase in public!

I loved singing in the marquee! A mix of 30’s to early 60’s, it went down really well and I even got an encore on my last set!

So what was my highlight? A ride on a tank. Wow what a high!

A little video taken by photographer Anthony Cartwright of today’s performance! Thanks to Woody at War for your assistance!

Wartime in the Vale 2018

For Father’s Day this year, we thought a trip to Ashdown Camp’s Wartime in the Vale would be a great idea. I had to swallow my pride a little, as I used to perform there many years ago and was let go when a new entertainment organiser was brought in.

We firstly stopped at the fabulous Fourteas in Stratford Upon Avon to have a family breakfast (thoroughly recommend the G.I. Breakfast and Earl Grey tea!) before heading to Evesham.

The event has increased hugely from the small field event it once was. I could hardly recognise the place! We got there at midday, with no entrance queues and there were huge displays of military vehicles. The main arena had First World War and WWII vehicles, tanks and cavalry (best displays I have seen at a show).

There were lots of stalls (a few good ones, but 50% were annoying tat, Lindy Bop 50’s dresses, 80’s doing vintage or extremely overpriced vintage military (£35 for moth eaten military breeches that needed patching up, sewing and new fly buttons and lacing?!). It kind of reminded me of how War and Peace started to go, so they could entice young people and families.

Amazing box made by a WW2 POW out of newspaper!

I was also NOT impressed by one guy representing Help for Heroes, who made some kind of tongue-in-cheek comment about my ‘big buns’ and a bake sale, before somehow thinking it was hilarious to say “You know, if you can tear yourself away from Jeremy Kyle or whatever it is you do in the daytime…” seriously?!?! At least these two were professional!

Thanks to my friend Stephen, I had the honour of going inside the First World War tank, which was fascinating. Boy was it cramped! With lousy suspension and lack of headroom it would certainly be no good for just popping to the shops in…

One of the most dangerous places to be in the First World War, they were cramped with exposed scolding-hot pipes, toxic fumes, noise and more. Around 8 men would be put into these hazardous machines and many became ill or died from heat exhaustion, carbon monoxide poisoning from the engine, horrendous burns from the pipes or killed by the axis forces.

Back to the show!

For the little kids, there was a mini fun fair that certainly amused Betsy for 20 minutes before home time! The mini swing boats were actually from 1945, which was awesome!

I would say that it would have been nice to have some smaller entertainment spots, set up at a couple of other areas (other than the main marquee), but it would’ve been impossible. Everything is set around the central arena, which is obviously rather noisy and the main focus of the show. Any singers or music would get completely drowned out by the tannoy, pyrotechnics or engines!

I think I would go back for a day out with the family, but would bring ear defenders for Betsy Boo next time! There were warnings with most of the explosions, but some we were unprepared for and she soon started trying to hide!

I would thoroughly recommend the displays, which were fantastic, but if you go with shopping in mind, maybe go to a carboot sale before hand and just enjoy the rest!

Battles for Victory Photos 2016

Apologies for posting these so late, it has been rather hectic and trying to get onto the computer when you have a baby running around is impossible!

Well this fantastic show was held in a park. A beautiful setting with a large main stage, vintage vehicles, trade stalls, reenactors and some super eateries. I was also lucky enough to be invited aboard the P22 gunner boat, moored at Ramsgate Harbour. It had just come back from France after being used in the new Brad Pitt war film!

It was wonderful meeting up with some familiar faces and meeting new ones alike. This really is a show that will go from strength to strength as it gets bigger. It is just a shame that there were hardly any posters around, or advertisement for the evening Blitz Ball as Im sure there were some people who missed this that would have loved to come!

Annie Riley singing some First World War tunes

Annie Riley singing some First World War tunes

betsy-battles-for-victory-16-web betsy-deckchair-bfv-16-web betsy-richard-bfv-16-web

On board the P22

On board the P22


Kitten and the lovely crew!

Kitten and the lovely crew!

crew-kitten-gunner-boat-bfv-16-web deckchair-party-bfv-16-web

Emma and Magdalena being demure and sophisticated for the camera...

Emma and Magdalena being demure and sophisticated for the camera…

emma-mag-gunner-boat-bfv-16-web-bw gunner-boat-porthole-bfv-16-web

Our hotel...Noisy but full of character!

Our hotel…Noisy but full of character!

kitten-and-crew-gunner-boat-bfv-16-web kitten-betsy-gunner-boat-bfv-16-web

Le'arna Castle, beautifully dressed in period costume for the First World War stage production

Le’arna Castle, beautifully dressed in period costume for the First World War stage production

Betsy Rose stealing the show yet again...

Betsy Rose stealing the show yet again…

The ever gorgeous Mr and Mrs Brown!

The ever gorgeous Mr and Mrs Brown!

ramsgate-harbour-bfv-16-web richard-gunner-boat-bfv-16-web shipmate-gunner-boat-bfv-16-web

Swingtime Sweethearts belting it out at the evening do

Swingtime Sweethearts belting it out at the evening do

The ever amazing and cheeky Viv the Spiv

The ever amazing and cheeky Viv the Spiv

War and Peace Revival Website

Many of you may have heard that the War and Peace Show is being transformed next year to War and Peace Revival at Folkestone Racecourse, with many new exciting features!

I have just seen the website and SHAZZAM! Yours truly is on there! Eeek!

War and Peace Revival Website

War and Peace Revival Website

So take a look at what exciting things next year’s show has in store and get ready for some brilliant changes. Don’t worry, you can still dig your trenches, camp and enjoy brilliant entertainment. The facilities themselves with be far better and with access to the train station it is a no brainer!!!