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Gracie Wheels – Keep Calm and Caravan

1960's Safari Caravan with a retro transformation!

I would like to introduce you to Gracie Wheels. She is a 1979 Safari Caravan and my partner and I have been doing her up since February. As attendees will know; hotels and B&B’s are a huge expense when visiting such shows as War and Peace for the best part of a week, so Gracie will be our home away from home!

She had been lovingly cared for by her previous owner, who was sorry to let her go. I had big plans for this vintage caravan from the beginning and had a patriotic, summery vintage theme in my head. Once my ideas board was complete we bought the paint colours and set to work!  With a little help from some vintage reproduction accessories from Dotcomgiftshop and a selection of yummy fabrics we were off to a flying start! I even designed my very own fabric which you can buy here . We still have a way to go, but she has passed her service with only a few things to sort out (“Don’t turn on the gas heater or you may die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, but other that that she is in good nick!”) and a slight damp problem which is usual for old caravans and some have already been sorted out.

Gracie Wheels will make her debut at Wartime in the Vale in Evesham this June. We want a little test run that isn’t too far from home, just in case of any problems. I hope you enjoy her photos below!

Designed by Kitten von Mew

Swallow Gingham Fabric Designed by Kitten von Mew

Gracie Fields Vintage Caravan

This shows a before and after of our Vintage Caravan. The only thing that has changed is the panel which has the lantern windows in, which is now pale blue.

Gracie Wheels Vintage Caravan Dresser

This was one of the features I loved most about the caravan. Unfortunately the top had water damage, but Richard did a great job of creating a new one and doing the detailing around the edge. On the top you will see various accessories and a 1950 wind up record player

Gracie Wheels Vintage Caravan Kitchen

I wanted something jolly and something that seperated the kitchen and living space without walls. The yellow doors were in homage to my Grandad’s 1930’s kitchen, which my Grandma had painted a custard yellow! We got the great lino flooring from Carpet Right. The cooker and hob are gas and the fridge runs on gas and electric!

Gracie Wheels Vintage Caravan Livingroom

We were so pleased with the outcome of the main living space! What a difference! I made the curtains, pillows and arm rests and the vintage bakelite radio houses an MP3 player with 1940’s radio shows and music on.