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Whilst dunking biscuits in my tea just now…erm, sorry Mr Mew, I mean eating an apple…it occured to me what strange OCD’s I have.

One of these is that I just lick each biscuit before dunking, so that crumbs do not get into my cup. If a particularly large bisuit (please visualise the splendour of a chocolate disgestive), I will also blot the biscuit on my tongue where bitten if a second dunking is required to finish the biscuit.

I think my fear of soggy mess at the bottom of my cup stems from childhood and I also can’t eat soggy bread or it makes me feel sick (although bread pudding is one of my favourite desserts!).

I also have another OCD, which involves cereal and the fact that I cannot eat it unless the milk is poured in a certain way.

Soes anyone else suffer from such things?