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War and Peace 2012 Photos

Swing Time Sweethearts and Kitten Von Mew at War and Peace Show

Swing Time Sweethearts, Richard and Kitten Von Mew at War and Peace Show 2012

Well, I cannot believe another year of Beltring is over! Thanks to everyone who made the trip so enjoyable, especially Paul Harper and the entertainers, Terry Elliot, Vintage Military Magazine, Mr Mew and his family, and of course everyone who came to watch my act!

Kitten von Mew War and Peace 2012

Kitten von Mew with Terry Elliot, Ashley Elliot and Rex Cadman, War and Peace 2012. Taken by Mr Mew

The weather was ‘squidgily temperamental’ when we got there with slashes of heavy tire tracks all over the caravan field. Mr Mew did a brave job of ploughing through the banked-up mud in Big Bettie, towing Gracie Wheels.

The temperature stayed mild, making the days so much more enjoyable, although it did rain at night. The great thing about the South East is the sandy soil, which drains the water rather quickly. It was very strange though as although the surface crisped up, underneath was waterlogged, so you felt as if you were walking across someone’s water bed or a big duvet!

Pearly King War and Peace

Pearly King and Princess, taken by Kitten von Mew

I debuted my new act Lili Mewleen at the show and it seemed to go down very well. I was really pleased with everyone’s reaction to the costume too. It has been a while since I did a proper striptease at the show and as I had 2 adult performances this year, I made the most of my zip-sided Vollers Corset! Everyone was gob smacked that Richard had made my incredible lamp post prop too!

In the daytime I brushed off my old ‘Boobie Woobie Bugle Boy’ act from when I first performed with the USO, this time with a new costume. No sleaze, just some lovely ostrich fan action and live singing!
We had a few accidents whilst we were there (which made the week hilarious), including…

Mr Mew:

Dropping his baked beans on the floor and asking why the bean fairies hadn’t come to clean it up.

Breaking the front door handle clean off, so resorting to climbing through the toilet window and breaking down the internal door!

Asking me to move my cup of tea whilst he get the bedding out, so he didn’t spill it over. I moved it right over the opposite side…only for Mr Mew to send it flying.


Mrs Mew:

Burnt toast

Forgetting my lyrics and inhaling fur from my cape so I had to try not to have a coughing fit through my act!

The stalls at the show were yet again full of a lot of ‘man stuff’, but I got some FANTASTIC things!

WW2 Collectibles Stall

WW2 Collectibles Stall, War and Peace 2012. Taken by Kitten von Mew


WWII Antiques, War and Peace 2012. Taken by Kitten von Mew


WWII Memorabilia. Check out the hand painted pebble! Taken by Kitten von Mew



My buys:

An 1800’s ship porthole from a sunken boat off the coast of Devon (£20!)

A Woodbines cigarette, trench art photo frame made out of 42 packets (£priced at £18, got for £10!)

A Kings Coronation mug that Ive always wanted (priced at £28, got for £20)

2 gorgeous 40’s silk crepe dresses

An amazing deep red 30’s coat with red fox fur cuffs and fox stole collar

A 1930’s silk pajama top I will use as a blouse

A trench art bomb shell ashtray I gave to my cousin as a thank you for coming to the show

A brocade dress scarf for Mr Mew with a woven design of trains and a couple in Paris

Some Art Deco GWR brass buttons (£5 the lot!)

A dated pair of ATS stockings with a military arrow! (£4!)

A gorgeous brown felt 1940’s peaked tilt hat

A WWII Scottish War Dept poster saying ‘VICTORY starts in the Kitchen (£25?!)
I also found Mr Mew a wonderful 1930’s Crombie suit which has never been worn. Can’t believe I got it for £40. It is gorgeous and will be a great excuse to wear some different ties!

Kitten von Mew and Jive Aces

Kitten, Peter from Jive Aces and Gary Gibbs at Beltring!


Veterans at the Sunday Service. Taken by Kitten von Mew


To melt the coldest of hearts. A modern day soldier offering himself as a step for a WWII veteran.


Lee Parker and I at the Saturday Dance! Taken by Mr Mew


Bagpipers. Apparently they don’t do requests. Taken by Kitten von Mew


Richard with his boys Lewis and Darren. One very proud Pa! Taken by Kitten von Mew



Military WW1 Truck detailing by Kitten von Mew


WW1 Trench, my favourite diorama at the show! Taken by Kitten von Mew


Will post more soon!



About Kitten von Mew

Vintage pinup girl in Great Britain, singing at WWII events, vintage fairs and Blitz Balls with 1940's, 50's and Christmas classics. I also model for Heyday Online, Luxulite Jewellery and have been featured in many publications including Vintage Life, Daily Telegraph, WW2 Reenactors Magazine and more. My other interests include creating Steampunk hats and accessories, writing, being a mother to Betsy Boo, vintage fashion and flea markets! I run a none-profit crafter's group in Snitterfield every week to help combat loneliness, depression and more.

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