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1940’s Style Hair Snoods

arthelias attic hair snood kitten von mew

Kitten von Mew modelling a custom hair snood and matching bag by Arthelia’s Attic. Photographed by Richard von Mew

Hair snoods are the perfect head wear for vintage events, bad hair days and when you are pin curling your hair!

Most are available in the Medieval and Civil War styles,which were popular in WWII thanks to the Gone with the Wind and Robin Hood movies. Crocheted hair nets became popular for factory workers, especially those who fashioned Veronica Lake’s flowing tresses, only to end up with them caught in a machine. Snood stopped such awful accidents from occurring and became a fashionable and useful item for war work and beyond.

There are still a lot of people who recreate these hair snoods today, but not many who also focus on the more unique styles!

Naomi at Arthelia’s Attic on Etsy makes her snoods from original patterns and can even custom make them with crocheted flowers or a matching purse!

kitten von mew 40s hair snood

Check our her beautiful designs and treat yourself to something a little different but 100 times more stunning than a standard knitted snood. Check our her swell online store!

About Kitten von Mew

Vintage pinup girl in Great Britain, singing at WWII events, vintage fairs and Blitz Balls with 1940's, 50's and Christmas classics. I also model for Heyday Online, Luxulite Jewellery and have been featured in many publications including Vintage Life, Daily Telegraph, WW2 Reenactors Magazine and more. My other interests include creating Steampunk hats and accessories, writing, being a mother to Betsy Boo, vintage fashion and flea markets! I run a none-profit crafter's group in Snitterfield every week to help combat loneliness, depression and more.

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  1. Love the snoods so easy to wear, have been crocheting my own from an old pattern of my nans almost same as the red one pictured above have done a white one with flowers on too. x

    • I wold LOVE to crochet my own. I have a knitting pattern for one that I haven’t attempted but crochet would be the ideal. Will have to watch some online tutorials! x

      • Ravelry have lots of vintage patterns many free & Va-Voom Vintage have lots of interesting stuff too 🙂
        Are you at Goodwood this year.

        • I love Ravelry!

          Yes im definitely at Goodwood again. Lord March has requested a return of my RAF corset costume!

          • Marvelous. I got some of the spitfire fabric from Spoonflower also bought a length of your parachute fabric (still working out what pattern to use) Will have to get a photo with you by our WWII motorbikes, we have a 1939 Ariel called Nancy & a 1940’s Triumph called Daphne & hubby used to be in the RAF.


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