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Broken China Jewelry and Prize Draw!

Broken China Jewelery

Bracelet and Ring

I have such a fascination and love for vintage teacups. Hubby continuously has to stop me from picking them up at carboot sales! I also have a passion for collecting king’s coronation (George and Edward) china as I love the detail that goes into the painting and transfers! So vivid!

So combine this with one of my other great loves, jewellery, and you have my world pretty much exploding with excitement!

China Jewellery


Vintage Belle Broken China Jewelry is a USA based shop and she makes everything in 925 sterling silver. From Beatrix Potter to willow pattern, there are so many gorgeous pieces, you will find it hard to choose!

At Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a pair of earrings with a little pearl dangle, a swallow heart pendant, a rose china ring and an amazing charm bracelet using hallmarks. Unfortunately she only posts within the USA, but if you have a pal or relative in America, get your broken china jewellery sent directly to them!

Sterling Silver China Earrings china earrings

I was so impressed with that I had to contact Diana and ask her some questions…

What made you think of combining porcelain with jewellery and did you take a class?

While I was in college I worked for a company that made broken china jewelry using the copper tape and solder technique (similar to how some stained glass is assembled). I loved the creativity of making the jewelry and the concept of enjoying old china in a new way. After college I worked as an accountant for several years, but I missed the creative outlet the jewelry provided, so I decided to start my own business. I knew I wanted to use sterling silver and create settings that were more akin to fine jewelry, so back to school I went! I took lessons in fine jewelry making and learned to torch solder and use lost wax casting to create the settings I wanted. Today I am so grateful to be able to offer pieces that match my vision of high-quality combined with simple, lovely styling.

Have you a favourite piece you have created? Any rare porcelain used?

I don’t have a single favorite piece, but I am partial to the vintage bluebirds. They have such a fun history! The popularity of the bluebird china rose to its peak during the 1920s. The optimistic outlook prevailing in America in the 1920s naturally aligned with blue birds as symbols of hope and happiness, and bluebird china rose to prominence alongside the optimism of the people. Many were given away as “premiums” by retailers or could be obtained with coupons earned from purchasing other products. What started out as give-away items are now coveted by collectors.

Swallow Pendant

Swallow pendant in sterling silver

China Swallow Heart Pendant

Are you a fan of vintage? If so do you like any particular eras?

Am I a fan of vintage? ABSOLUTELY! I love learning about history and appreciate all time periods, but if I had to pick a favorite I would say the Victorian Era. So much exquisite beauty was created during that time, even down to the tiniest detail. However, I also appreciate the clean lines and updated feel of Art Nouveau movement from the late 19th and early 20th-centuries. Truly, I love it all!

Rings are available in sizes 6 to 11 and pendants do not include a chain, so why not pop them on a beautiful piece of ribbon instead? The traditional gift for 20th wedding anniversaries is china and in the USA pottery is a traditional 9th anniversary present too! From Valentine’s Day to Birthdays, it really does have you covered for events, favourite colours and favourite pottery. Spode, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton and so many more fabulous pieces have been revamped as rings, brooches, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

I am giving away the beautiful ring that you can see in the pictures! It is a size 10, but could easily be sized down at a jewellers! For your chance to win, just rate this article and comment below! The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day!

1930's pinup Kitten von Mew

Competition Time!!!

Well I guess it is about time! The winner will receive an Ammo Lunch Box, a Grenade Mug and 4 Grenade Egg Cups! The perfect set for any military or WW2 enthusiast! All you have to do is subscribe to my blog,then email me at telling me why you are so deserving of the prize…the funnier the better! I will pick and publish the winner and their email on 11th October! So get friends and family involved to win this explosive prize!!!