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Mothers Day Personalised Posters

mothers day personalised poster

Vintage style personalised poster by Kitten von Mew for

I was asked by to help design some special Mother’s Day posters that could be personalised! Because of my love for vintage and the fashion being someone homed in on sewing, polka dots and vintage styling I created 2 pictures that would be perfect for traditional homes.

The first is a photograph of some of my antique sewing paraphernalia and the label on the far right cotton reel and the bare wooden cotton reel can be personalised with a name and message! The thimble at the front looks as if it is engraved with ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and this will be changed after 8th March so that any special event can be chosen (e.g. Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s etc). As you can see, I payed homage to my darling Shona of Heyday Online in this one!

vintage cotton reel poster

Close up of name personalisation ‘Shona Van Beers’

vintage poster personalised message

Close up of the message on the bare cotton reel by Kitten von Mew for

The second poster I designed is not customisable, although the frame that it comes in can be engraved with a message of your choice. I could just picture it in a 40’s living room in an old frame or a vintage kitchen!

vintage sewing gifts-personalised poster

Vintage ‘Mother’ Poster designed by Kitten von Mew for Find Me a Gift

mothers day gift idea-personalised poster

Close up detail of ’embroidered’ effect text and crisp print

So get over to Find Me a Gift and buy a personalised Mother’s Day gift that she can admire for years to come (if I do say so myself…).

Vintage Style Christmas Gifts 2012

Modern Christmas Gifts for the Vintage Lover
By Kitten von Mew

My parents always seem to find my Birthday and Christmas gift buying a nail biting experience. Not being into the 1930’s and 40’s themselves, they are always worried about getting the wrong thing when it comes to antiquities. Luckily, vintage seems to be somewhat the fashion at the moment (huzzah!), meaning that modern shops often stock homeware and accessories fitting to our lifestyle.

I have decided to bring you a few ideas that may help when you are out of ideas and are fed up with ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ products!

First I bring you Royal London Watches. I met this company at War and Peace 2012 and saw their stunning timepieces for myself. They have a special line of WWII inspired watches, fitting for any civilian outfit and even one that would blend in perfectly for military! Waterproof, battery powered and with leather straps, they will certainly stand up to outdoor events, without letting you down in the style stakes. With ladies and gentleman’s watches, the main 2 greats are ref. 41109-01 and 41110-01 on their website.
Cost: Between £59.99 and £69.99 from

Royal London Watch Company and Kitten von Mew at War and Peace 2012

Royal London Watch Company and Kitten von Mew at War and Peace 2012

Dotcomgiftshop has some fantastic vintage gifts for the home and garden. So many in fact that it took ages to narrow it down to 1 item! Luckily Candee Photography and I had done a photoshoot including their beautiful Birdcage Cloche Glass Cakestand. With a little bird handle on the domed cover, it is ideal for housing cupcakes, biscuits, cheese selections and more. Too pretty to keep hidden in a cupboard, this glass cakestand is an ideal Christmas gift for those who love to entertain!
Cost: £19.95 from

Dotcomgiftshop Sugar Bowl with Kitten von Mew. Copyright Candee Piccies

Dotcomgiftshop Sugar Bowl with Kitten von Mew. Copyright Candee Piccies

Glass Bird Bell Jar and Cake Stand

Glass Bird Bell Jar and Cake Stand from Dotcomgiftshop. Copyright Candee Piccies

The Wartime Farm House on the BBC has been a hugely successful and informative television series off the back of Edwardian Farm. The book that accompanies the series is full of farming history, wartime recipies, useful hints and tips for using herbs, making natural shampoo and even a footstep diagram of how to do the foxtrot. Beautifully laid out, this hardback book is a great addition to any 1940’s home.
Cost: Around £20 from
BBC Wartime Farm Book

BBC Wartime Farm Book

Finally a fantastic Christmas gift for men, this is in fact the official Torchwood Dressing Gown from Find Me a Gift! Based on a WWII RAF Greatcoat, it features brass buttons, shoulder boards and 2 pockets. Made of 100% cotton towelling the bathrobe is a fantastic way to lounge around the home or trudging to the showers at WWII events! It fits men’s sizes medium to XL, but I am hell bent on having one of these myself, so the extra room will come in handy for stashing biscuits and hot water bottles… It is currently on pre-order and due in 26th November, so get your order in now in time for Christmas!
Cost: Around £49.99 from

Torchwood Dressing Gown from Find Me a Gift

Torchwood Dressing Gown from

And for those who want to bring a little vintage into their Christmas decor, check out these gorgeous Union Jack paper chains too!

Union Jack Paper Chains by Find Me a Gift

Union Jack Paper Chains on our Christmas Tree!