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Sew on and Sew Forth

For those who do not know, as well as my pinup modelling, burlesque, singing, full time job and article writing for WWII Reenactors Magazine, I have also started creating pin cushions. Once I have a fine collection going, I will be selling some off in aid of Help for Heroes. I will have some WWII and Clarice Cliff inspired ones and have just purchased some more vintage teacups. Each one is different due to the hand sewing, felt supplies and cups/ jugs/ teapots.

Some of the cups may have chips or hairline cracks, but this is purposeful. Make do and mend as they say! Shabby chic at it’s best, where ‘fun’ meets ‘functionality.’

Cotton Tail Pincushion by Kitten von Mew

If you would like a commission piece for a gift, then get in touch. Commissions are £50 for a cup and £70 for the teapot sewing kit (pin cushion lid, needle cushion on spout and storage for threads inside).  You can use my designs below as inspiration for commisions or I can do churches, boats, ladies in ballgowns, cupcakes, rabbits, cats, birds, foxes…just let me know your ideas and I will see what I can do.

Mr. Foxkins by Kitten von Mew

Each piece will come signed and I can also write a message on the bottom. They take around 5 hours to do (this can be up to 2 weeks in my busy periods).

Email me at for details.

'Tanks for the Memories' WWII Tank Pincushion £40

Other projects….


Jerry the Sailor Siamese by Kitten von Mew (Made for Mr.Mew, April 2012)

kitten von mew flapper boudoir doll

My Boudoir Doll handmade in April 2012


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  1. LOVE your pin cushions!! The Boudoir Doll looks like Maureen O’Hara!!


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